Make more for your car with an NCT

Having a ‘NCT’d’ car for sale is, as some people would say, “a licence to print money”. Find out about how you can clean up with an early NCT Have you ever looked at a car ad and skipped over it because the NCT is out of date or up for renewal within a short space of time? Often people put off their NCT so it doesn’t seem long until it’s due its next NCT. But did you know you can get NCT certs valid for up to 2.5 years? Get NCT test/certs three to six months early If you’re selling a car in 2012 that is due its first NCT (bought in 2008 or early 2009), remember that you can get your first NCT test (and hopefully certificate) six months early. If you have an older car, subsequent NCTs can be done up to three months early. For example, if you have a January 2007 car (due for its second NCT in January 2013), you can look at getting its second NCT from October 2012 onwards, which would give you a NCT cert valid for two years and three months. More value for cars first taxed from 1 July 2008 Owners of cars with post 1 July 2008 or 2009 registration cars and are waiting for the NCT date should check their NCT due date. As we all know, the annual cost of road tax can make a massive difference in the annual cost of running a car. Those who have been able to afford cars first taxed after 1 July 2008, have been able to benefit from the Carbon Dioxide (Co2) motor tax system for cars. As buyers become more cost conscious a car registered from 1 July 2008 onwards that also has a brand new NCT certificate should get a lot of interest from potential buyers. If you bought a car in January 2009 and plan to resell it at some stage in 2012 or 2013, you can get it NCT’d from as early as July 2012. NCT basics A NCT cert on your car means that it’s roadworthy Driving a car that does not have a current NCT cert can result in fines and penalty points A car without a NCT cert or due the NCT test in the near future can scare away buyers Buyers may fear a car won’t pass the NCT because it needs major work done in order to pass the NCT test Benefits of an early NCT If you spot a car you want to buy, you are in a better position to sell or trade in your own car You may get a better price for a car that has a long time left until its next NCT You will be in a better position to sell your car if you need to in an emergency or to emigrate What to include in your ad Many sellers choose to add a photo of the NCT cert Include the date the NCT cert is valid until (read our article on why ‘just NCT’d’ isn’t enough) If it’s a post-July 2008 car with low emissions/road tax say so. #Motor #NCT