Make money from your spring cleaned garden

Thinking of revamping your garden? Find the funds to improve your garden by selling on items you no longer need Spring cleaning a garden, yard or grounds often involves more than a sweep with a brush. It can uncover unused items or unwanted garden features which can be resold to willing buyers. If you have been inspired by National Spring Clean month to tidy around the grounds of your home you may find yourself with items you want to get rid of. Glass houses The gardens of older or previously-owned homes can remain filled with unused features such as glass houses. If ‘grow it yourself’ isn’t really your thing, you could be a few hundred euro richer by dismantling and selling yours. Include good photos of the glass house in sunlight as well as measurements to give potential buyers a clear picture. Ensure to dismantle the structure safely, but not until a buyer has viewed it in person. Ask local experts on the best way to dismantle and transport the glass house safely. Garden sheds If you have no use for a garden shed or decide you need a larger or smaller one, put your shed on the market. Removing a garden shed will give you extra space to fill with lawn or plants. If you just want to change style of shed, selling rather than sending yours off in a skip will give you some extra funds towards a new purchase. Include dimensions, a photo and detailed description of yours in your for sale ad. Garden sheds can throw up some interesting finds – so whether it’s an old bike or unused garden implements, why not place an ad on DoneDeal for the contents of your garden shed too? Garden furniture Tastes change with the times and how your garden has been landscaped. If you want to update the look of your garden furniture, don’t forget to try selling your current garden tables and chairs on DoneDeal. Give the furniture a wipedown with a cloth or coating of suitable stain or varnish first to get the best money for it. Garden features Not too sure about the water feature or the garden or driveway gates? A clean up can change how you feel about the aesthetics of your outdoor leisure space. Search the wanted ads on DoneDeal or just place an ad with photos and details of what you no longer want. If you’re selling a pond remember to give the fish to a good home and buy in soil or filler for the gaping hole in the ground it will leave. Gardening equipment If you find you’ve more garden implements or equipment than you will ever use, remember that there will be people out there just starting into gardening. Why not bundle a number of spare implements together for a good price? Children’s playthings There can be a long wait between your own children growing up and grandchildren arriving along. Once your own family are past childhood, consider selling items like swings, slides and trampolines on – while they’re still in good nick. What to do next Once you’ve made a few bob from the saleable items your garden has unearthed, why not enjoy the money? Re-invest it into garden features and furniture you want – and have it ready to go for the next fine day. #GardenampLandscaping #HouseampDIY #SpringClean