Make Donedealing your New Year’s Resolution

Add earning money from items you sell on DoneDeal to your new year’s resolution with our steps to becoming a confident DoneDealer Have you put together the same old list as usual to start the New Year? Most New Year’s Resolutions include ‘I will make more of an effort to do X’ or ‘I will give up Y’. If you were to exchange X for ‘make more money’ and replace Y with ‘items, belongings and clutter I do not want or need’, you could really make a change in your life. You could make money. So what is stopping you? Every single person could make a few extra quid to help with bills or special occasions if they could let go of items cluttering their life, attic, garage or spare room and advertise them on DoneDeal to eager buyers Step 1 Look at what other people advertise on DoneDeal or look at the recently sold ads on DoneDeal. This will give you ideas. Step 2 Identify what you have to sell. Letting go can be difficult for most people. However if you are in need of extra money, why not start with a bit of a clear out, dividing items into the following piles: I really want to keep this I can’t make up my mind I’d be happy to sell this This is for the recycling centre If you find you can’t get past this step, read our article on decluttering. Step 3 Check the going rate for similar items on DoneDeal and do what you can to improve the price you can get eg cleaning an item. Step 4 Get your ad ready by reading some of our articles that will help you sell. Type out a good description of the item Read our tips on writing a good description and how to make your ad work for you Take photos on your phone or camera Read our tips on how to take photos properly Record it working or in action on video Read about how to video record items Find out the different ways you can pay Read about our affordable rates Step 5 Be prepared for phone calls or emails from prospective buyers. Have a plan in place for where you will meet buyers and whether you will have anybody with you – make sure to read our safety section first. Have your lowest price ready if you’re faced with a buyer with great bargaining powers. Read about our tips on meeting buyers for the first time Step 6 Be aware of common scams and what type of payment you will accept. Read our safety section thoroughly and read our ‘Stay safe’ articles. Step 7 Plan what you’re going to do with the proceeds from the sale. There are loads of things you might like on DoneDeal. Read our articles on things you can buy on DoneDeal. Step 8 Go back to the items on your ‘I can’t make up my mind list’ and see if the prospect of some extra money in your back pocket will influence your decision. Step 9 Get friends and family involved to make it more fun or to try and raise money together for a holiday. Read our article on teaching your children the value of money. Step 10 Make this process a regular occurrence. You could aim to clear one room or one section of your garage or attic once a month or quarterly. Here’s an article on making money from your spring clean to get you started. #DoneDealing #NewYear #NewYearsresolution