Make camping a luxury by building up your collection

On DoneDeal, you can start from scratch and build up a high quality set of camping equipment at a decent price Whether you regularly head to the various music festivals around Ireland, you like to bring the family on adventures, or you just have a fondness for being at one with nature, then no doubt a decent set of camping gear is important to you. There is much more to consider than your basic tent, and DoneDeal has much more to offer than that. Affordable extras Camping in Ireland exposes us to some of the most wonderful scenery and best craic to be found anywhere, but braving the elements in a climate that throws us cold nights and plenty of rain, means finding top quality gear is essential. Indeed, camping abroad, despite offering warmer climes, requires equal care and consideration when choosing tents etc. Tent basics Let’s begin with the tent. You firstly need to consider what size you want. Are you camping by yourself? Are you bringing the family? Are you a festival goer looking to fit two or three people in a tent? By entering ‘tents’ into the search option on DoneDeal, you will instantly be given a choice of tents, ranging from: standard 2, 4 and 6-man tents tunnel tents multiple-chambered family tents (complete with windows, mesh-doors and curtains.) Assuming the seller has uploaded photos, you will get a good idea of what suits you. Choose from a range of accessories Of course, the tent is just the beginning when it comes to preparing for a camping trip. DoneDeal is the place to go for the rest of the camper’s accessories – including: sleeping bags cooking equipment camping chairs portable toilets The advantage of DoneDeal is that you can gradually build up a set of camping equipment, so that come camping season, you are more than prepared for the outdoors. You don’t have to splurge on all the gear you need at once, it’s easier and more cost effective to keep a regular eye on the camping section of DoneDeal and slowly put together your accessories to enhance the trip. Your camping experience will be undoubtedly made more comfortable by acquiring some, or all, of the following: air mattresses outdoor lighting safe light glow sticks awnings water tanks and pumps fisherman’s storm kettle Be prepared If you’re planning a camping trip in Ireland, it’s worth paying a visit to the website of the Irish Camping and Caravan Council. Here you will find a list of camping and caravan parks countrywide, along with maps and details on prices. #Camping #Holidays #HolidaysampTickets #Summer