Looking for an iPad?

If you’ve upgraded to the latest model and are looking to sell your old one, or if you’re hoping to pick up a second-hand bargain, DoneDeal is the place to come! From tablets to touch screens, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening in the world of technology. One thing is certain; technology companies are always innovating and upgrading their products, which means the latest thing can become old hat within months. With the launch in March of Apple’s iPad 2, to paraphrase Apple, everything has changed – again. Or has it? The main change for DoneDealers is that a good selection of second-hand ‘first-generation’ iPads, or tablet PCs from other manufacturers, are bound to become available on the second-hand market from March 2011. However, technology-mad DoneDeal sellers who want to sell their old iPads to get some cash towards the newest version will have to watch their pricing very carefully. Apple has brought down the price of its old iPads to try and sell off its stock. However, this is good for second-hand buyers as first-generation iPads should be available at a bargain. Whether you’re a potential iPad buyer or seller on DoneDeal, it’s worth looking at the full retail prices of the iPad to get a sense of what’s a fair second-hand price. Remember, it might be an idea to throw in all your accessories as well to help make a sale. Although the iPad, iPhone and iPod are all words that run off our tongues effortlessly, it’s important to understand that they’re just brand names for products that other manufacturers also make, albeit a lot differently. Just as an iPhone is a brand of smart phone and the iPod an MP3 player, the iPad is a touch-screen tablet computer. There are other tablet computers around so, if you like the idea of a computer that you can carry easily and use for browsing the internet, reading books and magazines on, do some research. Don’t forget competitors such as Samsung, Archos, Dell, any of the big mobile/computing brands and a range of generic tablets that run on the Google Android operating system. You may find that you really want a netbook or a laptop with a touch screen or indeed a smartphone. Things to help you make up your mind 3G/WiFi 3G means you can easily connect to the internet when you’re out and about, just as you would with a mobile phone. OS The operating system will determine the choice of apps you can download. GB A higher memory (eg 64GB) may be important if you want to store all your music or photos on the device. Screen size Examine a device in person to see if the screen is too small or indeed too large for your liking. If the iPad is the first piece of Apple technology in which you’re investing, beware – Apple, also the makers of Mac computers, has a massive fan base. As Mac fans say: “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” #Electronics #Gadgets #HomeElectronics #Tablets