Looking for a “New iPad”?

For months there had been rumours of what the ‘iPad 3’ would be like. Now that the 7 March 2012 launch date has passed we’ve put together advice on how to sell and buy an iPad through DoneDeal First things first. There is no iPad 3. The third generation of the iPad released in March 2012 is officially called ‘the new iPad’. If you’re in the market for a second hand iPad in 2012 what you’re looking at is the original or first generation iPad aka iPad 1 or the second generation model released in March 2011 called the iPad 2. Sell your iPad on DoneDeal Price: If you’re selling a second-hand iPad, you will have to price it keenly – the RRP of a brand new iPad 2 in the Apple Store has dropped by approximately €80 for the basic model. Spec: Be clear in your ad about the memory (16GB/32GB/64GB), colour (black/white) and whether it has 3G or is WiFi. Specify whether it’s the first or second generation iPad. (Or if indeed it’s third generation). Accessories and extras: Do you have extras such a keyboard or a case to throw in? Do you have the box and original contents of the box? Do you have your original receipt? Think of ways to make someone want to buy the iPad you have for sale. Photo and video: Help buyers make a decision before contacting you – upload photos and video showing what condition it’s in and that it works. Honesty: Is there something wrong with your iPad? Be honest, price low enough and you may still get a buyer even if there is a crack on the screen. Data privacy: Don’t forget to erase all content and settings before handing it over to your buyer! (Do a backup first of course!) Buy an iPad using DoneDeal Price: New versions of the iPad results in price drops in the Apple Store for previous models. Compare the for sale price on the DoneDeal iPad ad you’re looking at with the Apple Store – there’s no need to pay more for a second hand or used iPad than a new one! Spec: There are 6-12 different variations of each iPad model. Eg iPad 2 comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB with a choice of WiFi only, WiFi with 3G and a choice of black or white. 3G means you can easily connect to the internet when you’re out and about (using a sim card with a data plan). A higher memory (eg 64GB) may be important if you want to store all your music or photos on your iPad. The first iPad doesn’t have a camera, so keep that in mind if you’ve family and friends overseas you’d like to video Skype with from your iPad – go for an iPad 2 if so. Try before you buy: Make sure the iPad works and doesn’t have a broken screen or some fault. We also advise that you make sure you’re handing over your cash for a genuine working model. Evidence: Proof of purchase can be handy for warranty/guarantee matters. It may be also useful to get the original box/packaging/guide – it would help you resell it once you want to move on to the ‘new iPad’. Meet the seller: Don’t fall for a scam whereby a seller says they’ll post it out to you if you send on money. Do the transaction in person. Read our iPad/tablet article from 2011 #Electronics #Gadgets #HomeElectronics #Tablets