Let go of hoarded wedding items and make some cash

The cherished wedding dress stored in your wardrobe is the one item that you’ll definitely never wear again. Why hang onto it (and the shoes, tiara and veil) when you could be making a tidy bit of cash? And so, here you are: happily married at last. The wedding photos are framed and hung, the wedding album has pride of place on the coffee table and you’ve a lifetime of memories of your great day. The long months of preparation and all the endless decisions are over. Except for one: is it time to sell on your unwanted wedding items? Photo: iStockphoto/PorFang To sell or not to sell When it comes to anything relating to weddings, emotional attachment can be unusually high. It’s not just in the movies that mums hand down their own wedding dresses to their daughters some 30 years later. The more sentimental brides out there really don’t have a decision to make at all. Absolutely nothing, from the wedding shoes (that took six months to find) to their costume jewellery – and the all-important white dress in between – will ever leave the safety of their wardrobe. However, for others it’s more a case of ‘when’ to sell on items rather than ‘if’. So, how do you know when you’re ready to declutter? Six months after the big day? A year? Sentimental keepsakes versus hoarding Hoarding is a recognised psychological disorder. The less sinister definition of a hoard is, according to thefreedictionary.com, “an accumulated store hidden away for future use.” So, the real question to ask yourself is, are you keeping these items for keeping’s sake, or do you really plan to make some use of them down the line? The main reason why a bride chooses to keep her wedding dress is to make a christening gown out of it. But how many brides actually do cut up their €1, 000-plus dresses when the time comes? As much as the price tag may haunt you once the big day is over, the bottom line is that wedding dresses are meant to be worn just once. Clearing out There’s no ‘right’ time to sell on wedding items; it’s completely up to the individual’s personality and needs. Don’t forget there’s a significant financial incentive to selling – you might not make back what you spent, but there’s definitely cash to be made for a rainy day. When you’re ready to sell, make DoneDeal your first stop. With an entire Wedding section, you might be relieved to see you’re not the only bride selling. If you’ve never DoneDealed before, it’s a good idea to check out the Blog section for articles giving advice on selling. Suitable items In terms of clothing, you can sell everything from bridal and bridesmaid dresses, to shoes and other accessories. You can sell your bridal outfit as a complete set, or you can separate the dress from the accessories – it’s all about getting the best price for your nearly-new items. Don’t forget that brides-to-be are always looking for inspiration at a good price. If you have items left over from your themed or bespoke DIY wedding, there’s no reason you can’t sell these on. Look at the Wedding Flowers & Decorations section and you’ll see everything from lantern stands to handmade jam jar table lights for sale. So, if you feel ready to let go of the material items from the best day of your life, start with a look at DoneDeal – it might just kick-start the funds for a second honeymoon. #Accessories #ClothesampLifestyle #Wedding