Kit your kid out for a wedding for less

Dressing a child for a wedding can be time consuming and expensive, but you can save on both fronts by making DoneDeal your first port of call As if preparing for a wedding weren’t stressful enough, try including a flower girl or page boy in your wedding party and you’ll find your stress levels doubling as you try to rig the little one out in suitable attire for the big day. Will they wear it at all, you may wonder, and will it even still fit them by the time the wedding day comes around? While it’s formal all the way with flower girls and page boys, it can be tricky to dress other kids who are attending a wedding as guests. They may not be on official duty but you still want to feel proud of them as they twirl around the dance floor or wander into official snaps. Whichever situation applies to you, and whether you are looking to buy or sell, DoneDeal can help. If you’re buying and not sure what constitutes occasion wear for kids these days, you’ll pick up the trends very quickly on the kids’ clothes section of the website. There’s a wide range of designer dresses shoes complete occasion wear outfits boys’ suits coats and jackets flower girl dresses formal wear for teens accessories It’s also worth noting that boys’ suits sold in the communion wear section of DoneDeal could quite easily double up as wedding wear, and you could also find some flower girl items in this section too. Shoes, accessories and even a communion dress itself could be revamped for the occasion. This is equally worth noting for any sellers of communion wear. After the big day If you’re in the market for selling flower girls and page boys wedding clothes, then DoneDeal should also see you right. Advertising on the website is a great way to make some money after a wedding, not to mention freeing up wardrobe space. You could advertise entire flower girl and page boy outfits, along with shoes and accessories. In fact, some people who are looking to buy occasion wear for their children place wanted ads on the website, specifying what they are looking for. So it’s worth a browse to see if you can cater for these needs. As well as private sellers, many in the trade use the children’s clothes section of DoneDeal. If your niche is formal wear for kids, or specifically wedding wear, there is great potential here for making money. Brides-to-be will be willing to travel from any part of the country to pick up kids’ stuff that would complement the wedding party. High standards If you’re selling flower girl dresses or page boy suits, quality and condition is of the utmost importance. Don’t forget it’s a tough market to please. These are people who are shopping for outfits that will be seen and photographed on the biggest day of their lives. You want the buyer to know that what they are getting really is as good as new. Nobody wants a child in an outfit that looks second hand or shabby on the day. Make sure outfits are properly cleaned and in perfect condition before advertising them. #BabyampKids #Fashion #Wedding