Keeping up with mobile phone terminology

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone, you’ll need to understand the jargon that some DoneDeal advertisers use Just six months after the introduction of the iPhone 4, increasing numbers of owners of the must-have smartphone are selling them on, according to a newspaper report in the UK. If you’re a buyer keen to get your hands on a smartphone at a good price and without entering into a contract, there’s more for you to check than the cost. Depending on the make and model of your phone, you may be able to do many things, such as browse the internet, edit documents or make video calls. Here are some things you may see in a DoneDeal ad that you may not understand: WiFi or WLAN You can access the internet using WiFi hotspots or your WiFi at home. Microsim Some handsets require this special Sim card to work on a mobile network. Apps You can download apps (applications) to many smartphones. The range available depends on the operating system, i.e. Android, iPhone or Symbian. Bluetooth You can connect to items such as a car kit, headset or sat nav without using cables. Touchscreen You control your phone by touching the screen rather than pressing buttons. GPS GPS (global positioning system) lets you use mapping applications on your phone or send updates to social media specifying exactly where you are. Unlocked, Sim unblocked, jailbreak Phones bought via phone companies are usually locked into a network. To be used on other networks, they must be unlocked or the Sim has to be unblocked. The term used for iPhones (often brought to Ireland/UK from the US) is to jailbreak it. Sim free Sim-free phones are not tied to any network. 8/16/32 GB The higher the number of gigabytes (GB), the more you can store on the phone’s internal memory. Memory card You can increase the phone’s memory with external memory cards. Camera 2MP/5MP/8MP The more megapixels (MP), the higher the resolution/quality of the photos. Copy/clone/replica These mean the phone is an imitation of another brand. It may look the part but you should check if it has the same functionality as the original. USB You can connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable to transfer photos/music/data or to back up the phone. Triband/Quadband You need a triband phone if you want to use it in the US (assuming it’s either Sim unblocked or you have roaming enabled). Quadband handsets are required for South and Central America. Warranty Warranties tend to be for one or two years and cover problems with the phone. It’s worthwhile finding out if a phone is still in warranty. This can often be checked by citing the phone’s IMEI number to the phone manufacturer. Dual Sim Handsets that take two Sim cards are not very common. If an ad mentions a well-known brand is dual phone, check with the manufacturer’s website that dual-phone functionality exists for that model. If not, it’s an imitation. IMEI This is the phone’s serial number. Scams Security is an important issue so look out for our article ‘Buy a phone – not a heap of trouble’. #Electronics #Phones