July’s Charity Month

July’s #DoneDealCharityMonth is for the following worthwhile charities which were chosen by Sandra, Conor and Jason. We will donate 10% from EVERY paid ad placed on DoneDeal during the month of July into the charity pot to be shared equally between: Compassionate Friends Merchants Quay Project GROW – World Community Mental Health Organisation in Ireland Compassionate Friends Compassionate Friends Ireland was launched on the 29th June 2008 by Mary and Nick Ryan, the parents of a beautiful 14 year old daughter Nicola who died on June 12th 2002 from Sudden Cardiac Death. Since her death, Nicola’s parents have experienced every emotion possible to humankind from despair to hope and back to despair again however along the way they have met wonderful people, people who like themselves had lost a child. As the years passed Mary and Nick have struggled through the pain and felt it was their turn to offer a helping hand to those who find themselves in this unimaginable position. They are not counsellors but understand grief and pain and give their time to sit with those experiencing the heartbreak of losing a child. As a group, Compassionate Friends Ireland provide assistance, whether financial or otherwise, to families in which a child has died or is terminally ill, provide counselling and support services to the families, hold group meetings or individual support and aim to educate and inform others on the effect if loss of a child. To find out more about the great work that Compassionate Friends do click here. Merchants Quay Ireland Their mission is to provide the stepping stones of a man or woman’s journey out of homelessness and addiction, and toward a drug free life, from a cup of tea and a hot meal, to needle exchange services aimed at reducing harm related to drug use, to help with housing and employment, to detox and drug free rehab services, settlement and aftercare support. The reason Conor chose MQI is because of the rapidly worsening homelessness situation in Ireland. There is a huge population of the unseen homeless, particularly among young people fresh out of the care and education system, who, with a little support, can lift themselves back out. With an understandable focus on families becoming homeless in the current crisis, it is also important to keep up the support for other severely affected groups, and with its focus on the area of homelessness and addiction, MQI offers an invaluable opportunity to give some hope to the most vulnerable in society. Lots more information on the Merchant’s Quay Project can be found here. GROW Members are helped to recover from all forms of mental breakdown, or indeed, to prevent such happening. One in four people in Ireland will experience some kind of psychological or emotional distress in the course of this year. Often people in distress don’t recognise it themselves. GROW helps promote better mental health awareness throughout Ireland and delivers a national programme of recovery. GROW holds 120 peer-support groups across Ireland each week which are free to attend. To find out more about the range of services Grow provide click here. Your DoneDeal ad WILL make a difference! Every new ad placed on DoneDeal during July’s #DoneDealCharityMonth will help these great charities so please help us spread the word and sell your stuff on DoneDeal today! #Charity #LatestCharityMonths