Irish Driving Habits Revealed!

Mammies come in at a close second for most stress inducing passenger Radio is still king for the drivers of Ireland with 76% of us still tuning in when driving Seven out of 10 drivers are generous with the music choice, letting passengers choose one in every couple of songs when driving Three out of four will go second hand with their next car purchase 18% of drivers demand to keep control of the music while driving Toyota tops the list as preferred ‘forever’ car brand The research revealed that nearly a third of drivers surveyed said their partner or significant other was the most stressful person to have in the passenger seat while driving. This was followed closely by mammies, who stress out nearly a fifth of Irish drivers. Unsurprisingly, ‘Mammy’ is the top stressinducer for 18-24 year olds, claiming 50% of the vote. At a tie for least stressful passenger is a best friend or a co-worker. Listening to the radio is still the top choice for drivers in Ireland, with over three quarters of the population claiming to tune in while driving. Music streaming services, such as Spotify, have not taken off quite yet for Irish drivers, with just 2% of the population using them most. Surprisingly, 6% of the population say they do not listen to anything when driving, preferring peace and quiet. The research revealed that the majority of us are willing to give our passengers some level of control over the music choices in the car – 69% of drivers say they let their passengers choose every couple of songs, while 12% claim to let the passengers choose all the music. 18% of drivers say that passengers are absolutely not allowed choose any of the music, with this number rising to 25% amongst over 55s. The research also found that three out of four Irish people will choose second hand with their next car purchase. This number rises to nine in ten amongst 18-24 year olds. Toyota was chosen as the brand of car drivers would most like to drive for the rest of their lives, with 13% of the overall vote. It was the only non-German brand in the top three, with Audi and Volkswagen coming in second and third with 11% and 8% respectively. Audi also won out in the 18-24 year age bracket, with one in four saying they would choose the German manufacturers. #Motor