Ireland’s Favourite Childhood Memories!

Image: Summer 2014 has drawn to a close and school’s back in session.  We’ve been working on some research that has revealed Ireland’s favourite memories from childhood school days: People in Ireland love Maths. “Busy At Maths” tops poll of Ireland’s favourite school books and Maths emerges as favourite childhood subject. Two thirds of us wrapped our school books in brown paper for protection. “Peig” proves surprisingly popular as Ireland’s fourth favourite school book. Ireland’s favourite childhood TV show revealed. The survey conducted on our behalf by Coyne Research also highlights that approximately half of all Irish adults claim to still have old school books at home.  Those who have finished school more recently (16-24s) are most likely to have old school books at home (73%). “Busy At Maths” claimed top spot in terms of being the preferred childhood book while in school – driven by its popularity amongst 25-34 year olds.  “Ann and Barry” claims second place at 12%.  Although many people claim to have horrible memories of “Peig”, it was in the top five books coming in at number four. Busy At Maths (15%) Ann and Barry (12%) New Treasury of English (9%) Peig (8%) Siamsa (7%) Spraoi (7%) Soundings (7%) Away with Words (6%) Tara and Ben (5%) Ré Nua Series with Lusaí Luch, Diarmuid an Dragún, Áine Asal, Pól Peist agus Lorcan Luch (2%) On top of the popularity of “Busy At Maths”, Ireland’s favourite primary school subject was Maths. Females had a preference for Art (21%) while males favoured Maths (25%). Religion was voted as Ireland’s least popular childhood subject with only 1% of those asked saying it was their favourite. Math (22%) English (16%) History (15%) Art (14%) Geography (10%) Science (7%) PE (7%) Music (4%) Irish (4%) Religion (1%) Over half of the Irish population (53%) used to dread going back to school after the summer holidays. Males were more likely to dread going back to school (58%); while females were more likely to look forward to going back to school (53%). When it came to protecting school books so you could pass them onto siblings or sell back to the second hand shop, wrapping school books in brown paper was the most popular method (44%). Almost one in three (29%) were “wallpaper wrappers” and wrapped their school books in leftover wallpaper. 12% of those surveyed lived dangerously and didn’t wrap their books at all! Wrapped books in brown paper (44%) Wrapped books with leftover wallpaper (29%) Wrapped books in contact paper (26%) Did not wrap/cover books (12%) Wrapped books in old Christmas wrapping paper (6%) Other (2%) When it came to unwinding after a tough day of “Busy At Maths”, “Ann & Barry” and “Away with Words” the research revealed that Ireland’s favourite childhood TV show was “The Flintstones”. Across all Irish adults, the top 10 television shows from our childhood were: The Flintstones Sesame Street The Muppet Show Bosco Worzel Gummidge The Simpsons Pokémon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sabrina the Teenage Witch Fraggle Rock Other popular shows that just missed out on the top 10 include; Home & Away, Art Attack, Animaniacs, Beverley Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek and James Bond Junior.