Introducing Mobile into the Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no denying that online visitor traffic through Mobile devices is escalating at an unbelievable rate. This isn’t really news to any of us. The question is, who is ready to start building a Mobile first digital marketing strategy? The Manufacturer? The Franchise Dealer? It would seem that the only one that is actually mobile first right now, is the customer. “What do you look at first in the morning, your better half or your Mobile phone?” The Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy begins with your website, so lets talk about ‘responsive’. A responsive website provides a flexible layout and fits whatever device your customer is visiting from (i.e. the web page your customer sees changes size to fit the screen and can be easily read). Developing a responsive website will enable you, the Dealer, to provide a consistent user experience for all your customers (existing & future), irrespective of what device they use to get there.

Needless to say, Dealers don’t have bottomless pockets when it comes to design budgets. With proven results, I have found that designing mobile responsive landing pages is an excellent workaround to overcome this budgetary issue in the short term and allows the Dealership to experience a new found level of consumer engagement and sales lead generation. The Dealership can now devise either a multi platform display campaign or a mobile first digital strategy to confidently target their audience. See last week’s article: How to optimise 162 Sales Enquires through Display Advertising By delivering a consistent user experience regardless of the method of entry to their website in conjunction with the use of display advertising, Google AdWords etc, the Dealership will begin to witness an entirely new level of user engagement. “If you are going to ask someone to engage with your brand or business, make sure it is an enjoyable experience and they will return for more” Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning about developing a digital marketing strategy for your dealership. The DoneDeal Motor team would be happy to help you with all aspects, from campaign creation, through to bespoke contextual targeting and all with 100% real trackable results. Simon Andreucetti – Strategic Key Account Manager
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