Interested in a two-year working holiday in Canada?

Interested in emigrating but not forever? It might be an idea for you to sign up for one of 7,000 or so 2-year working holiday visas to Canada that are expected to be snapped up in minutes this evening (14 April 2015) 2000 new Canadians form the Canadian flag (Pic courtesy: Government of Canada) If this is the first you’ve heard of the 2015 Canadian Working Holiday visa before you get notions, it’s important to realise that you need a few hard-to-get bits and pieces like Garda clearance. Money goes a long way too in getting you off the island of Ireland and set up in Canada whether you intend on getting a job straight away or travelling around. See below our suggestions on how you can raise the €3,000 or so we’ve estimated you’ll need to be working holiday ready. What you need to apply today for the Working Holiday Create Kompass account before 7pm Irish time on 14 April 2015 If you haven’t already, sit down and register a Kompass account first – you need to have this ready to go before applying for your working holiday visa. Read the official guide. Apply at 7pm sharp Be at a computer and online at 7 on the dot. Think of it as trying to get tickets for that big concert everyone’s talking about. These visas will be gone in minutes. Fees Have access to €75 ($100) on a Visa or Mastercard (and it doesn’t have to be your own card, though you should of course ask someone else for permission before using their card!) Before you do anything these are the criteria: To be eligible for the Working Holiday category, you must: an Irish citizen, aged between 18 and 35 (inclusive) at the time of application, have a valid Irish passport for the duration of your stay in Canada – your work permit in Canada will not be longer than the validity of your passport have the equivalent of C$2,500 (€1,875) to help cover your expenses, be able to take out health insurance for the duration of your stay – you may have to present evidence of this insurance when you enter Canada, be admissible to Canada, have, prior to departure, a round-trip ticket or the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket for the end of your authorized stay in Canada, not be accompanied by dependents and pay the fees ($100/€75 for the Working Holiday) Within two weeks you will need to: Submit a garda or police report – these can take a while so have a think about how realistic your application is if you don’t have that. Upload your CV (or resume as they call it in Canada) using this template Copy of passport Passport photo I travelled to Canada on a work holiday visa before, can I apply? You may participate in the Working Holiday category only once. I’m lost. Look at these videos that go through the whole process. Video # 1: Get Started (Create, activate and login to your Kompass account). Video # 2: Fill out and submit your IEC Kompass application form. Video # 3: Pay your IEC participation fee and upload required documents. Video # 4: Submit your work permit application. Video # 5: Come to Canada. I’m worried about money You’ll probably need the guts of €3,000 to get going. €75 fees €400-800 (estimated) for a flight €1,875 to cover expenses a few hundred euro for medical insurance At DoneDeal we’re full of ideas on how you can make money from belongings you don’t need or use anymore. So here’s advice on how to afford to go to Canada on a two-year working holiday. Read our latest piece on how to Make your dreams happen where we talk to financial genius Susan Culleton Hayes Read all our suggestions on how to make money with DoneDeal Make money by clearing out unwanted possessions If you’ve loads of clothes you won’t be bringing to Canada with you read Clear out your wardrobe and fill your pockets and fashion blogger Rachel’s blogs about selling clothes. Don’t forget you can make use of free ads in many sections to try out your DoneDealing If you get to Canada on the back of selling your possessions on DoneDeal, send us a postcard or just send us a mail at hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie, we’d love to hear about it! #HolidaysampTickets