Huge improvements to our iOS app

We listened to all of the feedback we received from our DoneDealers, and greatly improved the dashboard of our app which includes an improved My DoneDeal and Saved Ads. Make sure to download Version 5.2.0 of our iOS app so that you can check out these improvements. Also included in this version of our app are the following:

– You can now SMS a user from the Ad Details screen.

– You can now View more ads from a Seller on the Ad Details screen.

– Plus tons of other improvements and bug fixes. Finally, if you’d like to get a sneak peek of the DoneDeal iOS app features we’re working on before they’re released, be sure to join the DoneDeal iOS Beta Group. As a Beta-tester, you’ll be in the know about what our iOS Developers are working on and will be able to give feedback and report bugs … how sweet is that?! #Apps #iOS #iPhone