How to optimise 162 Sales Enquires through Display Advertising

Now on the cusp of the 162 sales period, Manufacturers and Franchise Dealerships alike, are carefully planning and finalising their marketing strategies, with everyone having one clear goal – to sell the maximum number of vehicles possible. With 2016 set to be the biggest year for the Irish Auto Market since 2007, delivering a strategic and tactical digital marketing campaign will be vital in securing sales enquires. In terms of building a digital strategy for Franchise Dealers, there is one very important marketing insight I share with all my dealer partners; “Competitor targeting equals Brand Awareness Marketing. Contextual Brand Targeting equals Performance Marketing” In the new era of multiple financing offers, educating consumers as to the affordability of a new car purchase, will be the deciding factor in reaching sales quotas for 162 registrations. Translating this message into a digital marketing strategy is not difficult. This can be achieved through the use of clever banner design, complemented by an engaging ‘call to action’. The campaign execution and performance relies heavily on the contextual targeting and the volume of targeted consumers it can reach. With contextual brand targeting, dealerships will secure over 50% higher engagement rates in the form of visitor traffic to their website. By targeting consumers whilst they are actively searching your brand or product on DoneDeal, allows you to engage with the consumer while they are in a ‘transactional’ state of mind during a stage of purchase intent. “DoneDeal’s largest category is its motors section, which accounts for 48% of all activity on DoneDeal. More than 837,000 ads were placed in the section in 2014 with an advertised value of over €3.9 billion. Last year saw an increase of almost 8 per cent in motor ads published from 2013 with the value of cars sold totalling €2.3 billion” – David McWilliams, Secondhand Ireland Report, 2015 It is important to deliver a consistent marketing message on the dealership website with an engaging landing page to capture the target audience. The main problem I see in poor execution is delivering visitor traffic to a dealership homepage.

Would you allow the same customer wander around your showroom without providing them with the relevant information they are actively looking for? Beware of publisher websites that deliver web pages, overcrowded with multiple banner formats and positions. This can have massive effects on campaign engagement as it causes “Banner Blindness” and it will dilute the overall campaign performance. is mindful of both the user experience and advertiser requirements. By developing a display strategy that offers users value added products and offerings matching their search criteria, both the user and advertiser benefit from an enjoyable and engaging online experience. “The figures for the volumes buying and selling through the DoneDeal site alone are truly staggering and the long term-impact of all this commercial activity on the economy will be extraordinary.” – David McWilliams, Secondhand Ireland Report, 2015 Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning about developing a display advertising strategy for your dealership. From campaign creation, through to bespoke contextual targeting, with 100% real trackable results, the DoneDeal Motor Team can deliver real results from your marketing investment during the 162 sales period. Simon Andreucetti – Strategic Key Account Manager
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