How to make the most from farming in the 21st century

Farming  is moving with the times and being pc-savvy is key to keeping up to date with technology, services and sales. Are you missing out? It’s one of our oldest indigenous industries and farming has come a long way from milking cows by hand with a bucket and stool. A visit to a modern farm might surprise many by the sheer level of technology in use. So, while the earthy, outdoor image of the young farmer is definitely accurate, the phrase ‘tech-savvy’ probably applies to him or her too. © It’s little wonder then that the Farming section of DoneDeal has become so popular – with 18 different categories from feed and livestock to machinery and agricultural services. Farm Services This sub-section is proving very useful for farmers who, for example, may need to hire equipment for specific jobs, such as fertiliser-spreading or sheep-shearing. You can find information on a huge range of services including: hiring quads and other farm equipment fencing farm machinery repair artificial insemination castration vermin control crop spraying tarmacadam The Farm Services section also doubles up as a ‘help wanted’ section, with people offering such services as casual summer work, farm relief and book-keeping. Insurance companies and other businesses related to agriculture also use this section to make connections and sales, while farmers advertise equipment for sale/hire and expertise across various agri-sectors. Farmers Noticeboard The Farmers Noticeboard is a handy online tool for engaging with other members of the farming community to advertise or find out more about a product, service or event. Regular notices advertised include: machinery auctions land sales and lettings land wanted entitlements work sought and work available dead animal collection services Making connections There’s also a vital social element to DoneDeal’s Farming section; it enables farmers who work unsociable hours or feel isolated to keep in touch with like-minded people. The Farmers Noticeboard advertises ‘meeting services’ These services often provide nights out for farmers both male and female. Online services like these can lead to a whole new social scene which may be difficult to find otherwise. DoneDeal is also particularly useful for young farmers that have recently graduated from agricultural college or returned from abroad, as it provides a forum for jobseekers. Farming one-stop shop DoneDeal allows farmers to reach out to the wider agricultural community in Ireland when advertising products and services. Equally, people who aren’t from the farming sector can offer suitable equipment and services directly to buyers. #Farming