How to make cash from your Christmas decorations

If you’ve had the same tree and baubles for one too many Christmases, why not sell them on? Now is the time to make some cash to fund your twinkling new purchases for the next festive season As you were putting up the Christmas tree this time round, did it all seem just a little too familiar? It may be time to invest in a new tree and to try out a whole new colour scheme in lights and decorations. Why not sell what you already have to put towards next year’s festive centrepiece? What can I sell and for how much? Artificial trees these days are made to last – just think about how long your current one has served you. The resale market on DoneDeal is thriving, so get in on the action. If you’ve taken relatively good care of your tree over the years there’s no reason why someone else won’t be happy to give it a new home. Before you start, take a look at DoneDeal’s ads for Christmas Trees to get an idea of what’s selling and for how much. Most people also have a sizable hoard of baubles, tinsel and other decorations that are in perfect condition. They just tend to become a bit boring when you’re looking at them for the 5th Christmas in a row. Why not sell off your shiny trinkets along with your tree? You can then market it as a ready-to-go Christmas tree bundle. Showcase your items Remember that buyers often prefer to see an item fully-assembled before making a decision. If it’s not too late, try and take some good pictures of your tree before you take it down. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so let your tree speak for itself. Take photos of it looking its best, with lights both on and off to showcase the decorations too. A little effort goes a long way when it comes to a quick sale. Here are some basic tips: Take measurements while the tree is still up – measure both its height and the width of its lowest branches (you’ll need to include these details in your ad) If the assembly manual for your tree is long gone, you can photograph the step-by-step assembly process, in reverse, while taking it down Jot down any tips or notes about the assembly that someone new to the tree might need Check that all the bulbs on your Christmas tree lights are in working order and discard any decorations that really have seen one festive season too many Make sure to package your tree and decorations neatly and securely – no one wants to buy a tree stuffed into a box that’s too small, or a giant tangle of lights and tinsel For more advice on getting your ad up and running on DoneDeal, have a look at the articles on Selling Tips in our Blog. Emotional considerations There can be a little sentimentality connected to a Christmas tree, so it’s worth making sure family members are okay with a sale. Usually, the promise of a bigger and better tree next year works wonders. However, do be careful not to get rid of any treasured decorations or family heirlooms by mistake. Give everyone a chance to pick out their favourites. #Christmas