How to become the reel deal

DoneDealers are always looking for new and innovative ways to get an ad noticed and one of the best ways to get an item moving is with a video Lights, camera and action could be just what your ad needs when it comes to getting noticed on DoneDeal. Gone are the days when only a lucky few had a video recorder, now most households have at least one mobile phone or digital camera that can create videos. What a bright idea Adding a video clip on DoneDeal can give you the edge and is surprisingly easy. Aaron Goodliffe, head of video at Simply Zesty, the company which worked on the clips for DoneDeal’s Help section, says that once you film in a brightly lit room, you don’t have to have a top-of-the-range video camera. Aaron says: “As long as it’s not so grainy that you don’t even know you’re looking at, a phone is fine. Most mobile phones that have come out in the last two years would have some sort of video function that would be perfectly suitable for taking a video of a product you’re selling.” When it comes to video resolutions, it is a case of the higher the better. The lowest option available is 240 pixels. For example, On YouTube, resolutions range from 240p to 1080p. Throw some light on the subject Beware of shooting close to windows, which can leave the subject white and over-exposed. “If you don’t have a lighting kit, a good idea is to set up a couple of lamps,” say Aaron. He recommends using two regular lamps and a nice clear background. While it is tempting to use a tripod to stop any movement, Aaron says that action is all part of the video experience. After all, someone may as well take a photo if they’re not going to be moving around. When it comes to presenting your product, keep it simple. It’s not The Apprentice. So if you want a voiceover, Aaron suggests using bullet points for what you would like to say. “I wouldn’t get too complicated with what you’re selling. You don’t want to seem too much like you want to get rid of it,” he says. Game on “If it’s a video games console, you may just want to move around and say ‘these cables are working fine, this has all the parts that are usually sold with it; the CD case opens’. You might want to take down a few notes before you take the video.” And keep it brief. Think short rather than full-length feature. Aaron says: “Nobody wants to watch a two-minute life story about your old Xbox, you just want to see it’s in working order.” Video is the perfect way to demonstrate an item and its condition, particularly when it comes to electronic goods or vehicles – items a photo alone wouldn’t do justice to. Aaron says: “If you think that you are selling a good product, then you should take advantage of every single thing you can.” #DoneDealing #Placinganad #SellingTips #Video