How and when to sell your old baby and toddler gear

Fed up looking at that old buggy you haven’t used in six months? Get yourself some space and some cash by listing all that old baby/toddler gear that’s clogging up your house In our parents’ time, the term ‘baby equipment’ would have raised a few eyebrows. Back then, there was a more common-sense approach, with items such as Moses baskets handed down from previous generations and, well, apart from a rattle or two, what else could anyone need? Then came the years when parents all but wrote a blank cheque to cover the cost of the paraphernalia deemed necessary to get a baby through its first couple of years. Smart saving Now, while parents still shell out for baby/toddler stuff, they have regained a smidge of old-fashioned restraint. Or maybe it’s just that most simply can’t afford it any more. Either way, parents are getting cannier, and have realised there is a demand for pre-loved baby and toddler equipment on DoneDeal. So if you happen to have a spare room chock-full of old buggies, walkers and bouncers, your time has come. Treat yourself with the proceeds It’s time to get back some of the space all that old baby stuff is taking up, and make some money to put towards something you or the kids actually want. In the unlikely event you need inspiration, here are a few ideas: that holiday you’ve been promising bikes or scooters a redecorated playroom or den garden toys Whatever you choose, you’d be surprised how much cash you can raise. What to sell when As soon as your baby hits certain milestones, there are items that are simply no longer very useful to them. Here’s what you could sell at different stages: Moving onto bottles – breast pump, feeding pillow Moving into a cot – Moses basket Crawling – play mat, bouncer, swing, and probably sling/carrier Toddling – baby walker Moving into upright child car seat – baby car seat Sleeping in ‘proper’ bed – cot, mattress, travel cot, mobiles, and baby monitor Sitting on ‘big’ chair at meals – highchair Getting out of nappies – changing table Beyond these, by the time your child hits three or four, you can probably sell the last of your buggies as they will (hopefully) walk everywhere from now on. You can also offload toys and books that your child has decided are beneath them now that they’re ‘big’. Get ready to list Before you list, do a little legwork: Dig out any original packaging or instructions; they will make your item more attractive Check that all safety paraphernalia is intact (straps, clasps, battery covers etc) Give everything a good clean Spread the word Boost your chances of a quick sale by letting contacts know you are selling your unwanted baby/toddler gear. There’s a good chance some of them will be in the market for it. Include a link to your DoneDeal ad on your Facebook page or Twitter feed Drop a text or email to other parents if you know they have younger children or are expecting Simply mention it if you bump into parents you know while out and about. Even if they don’t want the stuff, they may well know someone who does Feel inspired? Read through our selection of articles on buying and selling Baby & Kids items on DoneDeal. #BabyampKids #DoneDealing