Honesty is always the best policy

Putting unrelated keywords into an ad is just a waste of your time – and the potential buyers – and makes it harder to sell your unwanted item Selling is a competition. However, as we all know, anyone who tries to cheat in any competition, race or test of knowledge often gets tripped up. If they’d put the same effort into preparation in the first place, they’d be true winners. The same goes for people who place ads with incorrect information, thinking it will help them sell the item. There seems to be the misunderstanding amongst a small amount of sellers that somebody looking for something else will want to buy their product if they see it. Therefore, they spend time cramming unrelated keywords into the short and long descriptions of their ads. But this isn’t helping either the buyers or sellers – we know most DoneDealers come to the site with something specific in mind. For example, someone searching for a Mercedes is not going to want to buy a Micra. If they click into an ad that is for something they don’t want, most DoneDealers will just click back out. Keep it accurate The best advice for anyone placing an ad on DoneDeal is to have an accurate short description – people decide what to click on in milliseconds. Remember, even if they click in to an ad and see that what’s actually for sale isn’t what was advertised in the short description, they’ll click back out of it very quickly. Putting a lot of effort into incorrect words is not going to convert into a sale.

There’s no benefit at all in cramming an ad or a description with inaccurate keywords. There’s an even easier way to get people’s interest! Get your headline right What buyers want is an accurate short description to help them decide if this is what they want. Short descriptions should tell potential buyers what you are selling. Use commonly used words for the item, as well as the brand, make or model. If there’s room, you can add in anything else that is relevant – the important word here is ‘relevant’. Think back to why you bought the product in the first place as this is also going to resonate with a buyer. Use lots of imagery and information You have to ensure that you use the space in the long description to explain in detail what you are selling. It is also worthwhile to upload photos or a video. Most people will have made up their minds what they want to buy based on your description. A short, badly worded sentence that contains no useful information is not going to help you sell. It may result in enquiries from people who aren’t actually interested in the product – but if you’d put the right information in at the beginning, you’d get calls from genuinely interested buyers. #DoneDealing