Here comes the sun

With the right garden furniture and summer accessories from DoneDeal, not even the Irish weather can rain on your parade In Ireland it’s hard to know when summer will hit – so it’s definitely worthwhile being prepared. Make sure you have all the ingredients to enjoy summer in the garden Why not make the most of a rainy Sunday by browsing the DoneDeal website for summery items to fill your garden or dreams for finer days? For some people, summer is all about the smell of the sea, freshly cut grass or a BBQ. It’s about being outdoors on long, bright and hopefully cloud-free days. Whatever items are top of your list for the season, we’re constantly adding new ads that will put the perfect summer within your reach. Summertime is about being in the garden for a lot of people – not everybody is close to the sea or a beach. You can make sure your garden gives you that sense of being on holiday by adding nice touches to it. Go straight to our Garden section to get started and pick up most of the things you’ll need to transform your backyard into an oasis. Transform your lawn If the lawn is unkempt or the old lawnmower is too much hassle to drag out on a weekly basis why not look for old, new and secondhand mowers on DoneDeal? Choose from a wide selection, from self-propelled lawnmowers to the minimum-effort ride-on variety. Furnish your garden After tending to the garden you’ll need somewhere to relax and unwind, so the next thing on your shopping list is garden furniture. However, garden furniture isn’t just about having one reclining chair or a table with an umbrella over it. Think of the items you’ll need for various occasions – from lying in the sun, to eating outside to relaxing in the shade. The right table and chairs In our Garden section there’s everything from proper picnic tables to tables with chairs or benches. You’ll also be able to find sun loungers and all sorts of seats and chairs in a variety of materials like stainless steel, glass fibre, plastic, wood, aluminium and cast iron. From ultra modern to the traditional deckchair, there’s all sorts of outdoor furniture for sale. Coal and gas BBQs Of course, what’s the point in having a place to eat without a BBQ to cook on? If chargrilled meat is to your liking, you’ll be able to find both coal and gas BBQs on DoneDeal. If you’re searching, don’t forget to search for barbeque and barbecue too! Remember you’ll need to fuel whichever one you get with charcoal or gas, so buy some in for impromptu dining al fresco. Consider a marquee or gazebo Entertaining in your garden is all well and good, but, in Ireland, it’s no harm to be prepared and if you’re a regular garden party host, why not invest in a marquee or a gazebo? Most of us think of a marquee as something you’d fit 200 wedding guests into but, in reality, you can get small ones, suitable for putting up in your garden to keep both host and guests dry – or out of the sun’s rays. Sun umbrellas are also great to have – and outdoor heaters. They each fulfil an entirely different purpose but, trust us, you’ll be glad you made the investment. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen – handy to have even on a cloudy day. #GardenampLandscaping #Summer