Help the older generation cash in on their clutter

Are your parents or grandparents in need of a serious house clear-out? Are they looking for a bit more disposable income? Give them a hand by showing them how easy it is to offload unwanted items for cash Respecting your elders is something that a lot of cultures take seriously. From visiting, taking them out for dinner, doing chores, giving financial support, to just being there for them – there are many ways to show your respect for older relatives. Another way is to introduce them to DoneDeal. You can joke all you want about DoneDealing your father, or helping to turn your mother’s collection of handbags into an inheritance, but this is a valuable way to help non-technical or vulnerable family members. Give hands-on help Recently, I decided to help my parents to sell off a few bits and pieces on DoneDeal. Over the past few years, as I’ve written all about DoneDealing, I’ve regularly recommended that they try DoneDeal – but they never did. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and actually place the ads for them. Within half an hour I had four ads placed, using the DoneDeal app on my phone. Picking items to sell We decided to start with a few items that were easy to photograph and didn’t involve a climb into the attic. The first was a cabinet, which was taking up room in the hall while my parents debated how to dispose of it. I took out my phone, took a few photos and also measured the cabinet to help out any potential buyers. I then put the ad up using the DoneDeal app. I included my dad’s name and mobile phone number,  and my own email address – turning off the email option for the ads. Next up were two iPhones. One of the phones had been held onto in case of an emergency (a 3S) and the other (a 4S) had become surplus to requirements thanks to an upgrade. Then there were some Mac accessories – a Wi-Fi base station and external hard drive. After putting up all the ads I left the house. Tackling the selling process My dad had to turn off his phone later that night because there were so many texts and calls coming in about the iPhones. 1st lesson learned: Include details in your ad about whether people can text or call (as well as emailing) – and clarify what hours of the day are acceptable. There were also a few strange texts about the iPhones: people wondering if my dad could keep a  phone for them until Christmas and asking if it had certain apps on it. There was also a call from someone who wanted a phone for about 70% of the asking price. As it was in really good nick, that wasn’t an option for such a high demand item. 2nd lesson learned: Be prepared for how you’re going to deal with people who genuinely don’t know much about the product; chancers who want an item for a song; or texts that just don’t make sense. My personal advice is to ignore rather than engage. Unfortunately, a scam artist did try to get in touch. He texted asking for details to be emailed. My dad emailed him back, got suspicious, Googled the name and discovered it was a scam. 3rd lesson learned: Get the person selling the items to read through the Help Section and Blog  articles all about DoneDealing. I’ve written and edited these, but I’d failed to pass on the knowledge. If your folks aren’t online, you can always print off some of the advice pieces for them. The result Within two weeks both phones were sold for the asking price. The cabinet hasn’t yet sold, but did get interest from one buyer who wanted it delivered 70 miles away (the fuel costs alone wouldn’t be worth the effort); while the Mac accessories might be either too niche a market, or we have the price wrong – but we’ll hold out. The cost of the ads was €4, half an hour of my time, and whatever time it took to deal with enquiries. Undoubtedly, it was a better investment of time than watching Cash in the Attic or The Antiques Roadshow. Top tips to help older DoneDealers: Read the Articles and Help Section Set aside an hour or so to gather information, take photos, write descriptions and upload from your smart phone Discuss what they’re willing to sell and for how much Have a step ladder handy for getting into the attic or high cupboards Dust down items and show them in good light when you’re taking photographs Have a measuring tape handy for furniture and always include dimensions in the ad For anything technological, have the correct make and model listed If you need help with a description search Wikipedia or the official product page online to get the right terminology Discuss how they’ll deal with enquiries and where they’ll meet interested buyers, (eg if meeting a buyer in their own home, would they prefer if someone else was there with them if they’re feeling in any way vulnerable) Look at the free ad sections to try out DoneDeal without spending any money. #DoneDealing #Electronics #HouseampDIY