Have you felt the financial pinch of back to school costs?

Do you dread back to school time? We’ve some tips to help you find it easier financially next year whether you’re the parent of a primary school pupil, secondary school student or have a child going to third level next year As the school term starts back, parents across the island of Ireland will be busy preparing packed lunches, laying out uniforms and helping primary school children pack their schoolbags. According to research completed in 2014 by DoneDeal one in two people used to dread going back to school after the summer holidays. Who do you think was more likely to dread it? Males were more likely to dread going back to school (58%) Females were more likely to look forward to going back to school (53%) True cost of back to school The truth is that many parents still dread back to school due to the costs. The Irish League of Credit Unions took a look at just what the costs for both primary and secondary school children are. It found that back to school costs negatively impact 29% of household bill payments, with 16% of parents saying they will have to sacrifice spending on food to cover these costs. According to its findings the average spend on school related costs in 2015 are: Uniform/clothing Primary school: €166 Secondary school: €258 Books Primary school: €106 Secondary school: €213 School lunches Primary school: €116 Secondary school: €147 Extracurricular activities Primary school: €131 Secondary school: €137 Transport costs Primary school: €89 Secondary school: €142 After school care Primary school: €112 Secondary school: €130 Fees/voluntary contribution Primary school: €77 Secondary school: €147 School trips Primary school: €63 Secondary school: €160 Gym gear Primary school: €68 Secondary school: €109 Ways to raise money According to the same survey 32% of parents find themselves in debt covering back to school costs, borrowing an average of €360. Where can you find this money? We’ve put together a few articles that may help parents raise money through selling items they didn’t realise they had and putting it into a school fund. School books There’s nothing like preparing for next year early, so if you haven’t already, make sure that your child or teenagers school books are safely covered to help you get a better re-sale price next summer. Our 2014 research also found that 12% of those surveyed lived dangerously and didn’t wrap their books at all! We asked how you wrapped your books when you were in school: Wrapped books in brown paper (44%) Wrapped books with leftover wallpaper (29%) Wrapped books in contact paper (26%) Did not wrap/cover books (12%) Wrapped books in old Christmas wrapping paper (6%) Read about using DoneDeal for buying and selling schoolbooks. Visit the School Books section on DoneDeal. Make money by clearing out unwanted possessions Hoarding never-used items not only takes up room in your home, but can also impact on your mental health. We get some expert advice on how to go about decluttering. Read more There’s such a thing as free ads So… you’re thinking of dipping your toe into DoneDealing? Or perhaps you just don’t have the cash to place an ad in the first place. The obvious place to start is with one of our free ads. Here’s some ideas to get you started. Read more Be SMART about saving your selling proceeds We spoke to Susan Hayes Culleton, author of the The Savvy Guide to Making More Money about how to break selling into “SMART” steps and how to hold onto those savings. Read more How to make cash from old goods Selling unwanted items is an easy way to make cash. Here’s how to make money from items that aren’t in the best of condition – by being up front about it or getting it fixed first. Read more. Have a Leaving Cert student in the family? If you’re the parent of a Leaving Cert student with aspirations to move onto third level education, start early by reading our advice on getting together the funds to support life in college or university. Read more #Backtoschool #Finances