Halloween deals to be done

DoneDeal is dying to get you in the Halloween spirit so use some of the tricks below to make sure you have a real treat this year As each year passes it seems that Halloween is becoming as big an annual event or celebration as – dare we say it – Christmas. Hugely celebrated in other countries such as the US for many years, it’s about time we evolved from simple witches hats made from cereal boxes, bin bags as home-made costumes and a few monkey nuts handed out to trick or treaters. A coffin anyone? Well, here at DoneDeal, we’ve been trawling through ads and we can tell you there are plenty of items here that can make your Halloween well, more Halloweenish. One of the more interesting items we’ve seen is a coffin for sale! The first thing for anyone getting ready for Halloween is ‘fancy dress’. Whether you’re an aspiring Dracula or wicked witch, you’ll find some ads over at our Costumes section. Worldly wisdom Before you go searching, remember to ask whether the costume is new or has been worn before, check that they have your size available and that they have it in stock for Halloween. Make sure you pencil in some time to view, collect and pay for the item in person. We do not recommend posting cash, cheques or postal orders to someone or even to transfer money online in any way. Unfortunately there are people out to make a quick buck so, unless you want a really scary Halloween, take our advice – meet the seller and deal only in cash/bank draft/postal order. Get creative Another item we discovered on DoneDeal was a home-made PacMan outfit – kudos to the person who put that together. And that got us thinking… what items can you find on DoneDeal that you could use to make your own one-of-a-kind Halloween fancy dress costume? As we mentioned, it wouldn’t be Halloween without some sort of party whether it’s for kids or adults. So here are some ideas that could raise your spirits. Sections to visit Shop Fittings – if you’re really creative, who knows what you could find to decorate your surroundings here. One thing for sure is they have boxes if you want to make your own outfit. Farm Produce – how about some bales to sit on in the marquee or party room. Make sure not to waste farmers’ time so read ads carefully. Also do not do this at home without proper fire precautions! Garden Furniture – seating, outdoor lighting and marquees can be found here. Clothes – have fun with dressing up in vintage clothes or unusual outfits that may be found in this section. Sport – want to dress as a sportsperson, get kitted out with clothes and equipment here. Other – this is a brilliant section that covers things you don’t even know you’re looking for. Electronics – how about a camera to capture those priceless outfits or music equipment for your party. Holidays – why not rent a house in Ireland to have a fun time with friends and family away from your usual trick or treaters, or look for holidays abroad and catch some ‘winter sun’ while the kids are off school? #Halloween