Grab a video app and make your DoneDeal ad stand out

If you really want to grab buyers’ attention, don’t just settle for a photo of your item. Download a video app and make your ad come alive There’s nothing like seeing something in action and working, which is why video can be a great way to encourage potential buyers to contact you. Video editing has become pretty easy thanks to smartphone and tablet apps, and many sellers on DoneDeal are now uploading videos to advertise. The great news is there are plenty of apps that let you do that, and many of them are free. Let’s have a look at some of the popular video apps out there, and how you can make use of them to sell your items on DoneDeal. Magisto Available for iTunes and Android, you can have a lot of fun with this app. It allows you to add your own graphics and music to the video, and would really work if you were selling a musical instrument, concert tickets or home audio equipment on DoneDeal. Because you can choose songs from your own library to accompany your video, Magisto could be used to good effect if you were selling items in the sport and hobbies section of DoneDeal. Why not get really creative and make a home video of you playing sport or using gym equipment with a motivational song playing in the background? At worst you’ll make a prospective buyer smile, at best you’ll clinch that sale. iTunes Google Play Store Instagram While most people associate Instagram with photo sharing, it’s also a very user-friendly video app. What makes it different to others out there is that you actually make and edit your video through the app, rather than just editing an existing video on your smartphone/tablet. In just a few simple steps it’s job done. Instagram is a good app to use if you want to sell property on DoneDeal because of its flattering effects in lighting and colour. iTunes Google Play Store Cute Cut This is another video app that rates well with both Apple and Android users. It includes a few simple and clearly laid out commands that allow you to trim, merge and add music to your video. iTunes Google Play Store Alternative apps Other tried and trusted video apps include Lumify and Splice for iTunes, both of which are popular choices and enable you to edit easily, add music and filters, and create a video of professional quality to use on your DoneDeal ad. For Android, AndroVid Editor is popular, and the newest version allows you to make videos up to 60 seconds long. The best part about uploading videos on your DoneDeal ad is that you can be creative and have a bit of fun while really enhancing your chances of making a sale. Read up on using video on DoneDeal There are more houses and apartments on the market in some parts of Ireland than there are buyers, so making sure you get a buyer’s attention involves using innovation and modern technology (video). Read more DoneDealers are always looking for new and innovative ways to get an ad noticed and one of the best ways to get an item moving is with a video. Read more Give potential buyers something to really look at by adding a video from your phone, camera or YouTube account to your DoneDeal ad. Read more #Placinganad