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The EU Pet Passport is simple, designed to protect your pet and Ireland from from the threat of rabies and other diseases.  All the information can be obtained from your vet or go to Love My Pet website. The process can take a few weeks to do and note that the rabies vaccine can only be given to an animal over the age of 8 weeks. Boarding establishments vary in price and facilities, ask your vet and other pet owners for their recommendations.  Great boarding facilities get booked early so do it now. Always check with the kennels what their policies are, reputable establishments will require up to date vaccinations and kennel cough vaccines. Passport also applies if you are bringing pets into Ireland. The pet animal must have an EU Pet Passport, (this document is the same throughout the EU). The Passport certifies that: The pet is travelling from an eligible country. The pet is identified by an implanted microchip. The pet has been vaccinated against rabies subsequently at least 21 days before travel Dogs must be treated for tapeworm between 24 and 120 hours before travel and the time and date of treatment must be entered on the passport. For more information go to: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Special Projects Unit

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