Go full throttle with your car ad

It seems everyone has a car for sale these days, so we’ve put together a guide to help your car get sold quickly by providing lots of accurate information What was it that attracted you to your car when you bought it first? The colour, the make, the price? Times are a changin’ and there’s a lot more that buyers want to know these days when they browse car ads. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to place a car ad properly (this will help you target the right buyers) to using video and photos. Brief description Year, make, model, fuel and engine size is what everyone really wants to know up front. Why not give it to them? E.g. ’00 Ford Fiesta 1.2L Petrol €4,000. Remembering whether you car is petrol or diesel is something that we hope you remember every time you fill the tank! You need to include it in your ad. Changes in fuel prices and the fact businesses can claim back VAT on diesel and not petrol means some people may specifically be searching for a diesel model. The same goes for the engine size, so be clear in your description so that you attract potential buyers and not someone who really has their heart set on something else. Auto input vehicle details with car reg Remembering all the finicky details of a car can be difficult. We know that, so we decided to help you along with the ‘Auto-collect vehicle information’ section you’ll come across while placing a Motor Car ad.

Type in your car registration number and click ‘get details’ and all the info you require will appear automatically. This will appear on the top of your ad and gives browsers an idea at a glance whether they’re interested in your motor. Other details People like to know where it was first registered so click on Ireland, UK or Other and don’t forget to put in the mileage in miles or kilometres. And make sure you get it right as to whether it is miles or km on the clock, it can make the world of a difference to a buyer. Content of Ad The content of your ad is where you get to input your location and currency as well as asking price. €POA or leaving the price blank may seem like a smart move. But be warned, it may attract calls from people for whom the price is out of their league or stop a genuine potential buyer from getting in touch. Description List everything that the car has, any extras and anything that may be relevant to a buyer. E.g. Bluetooth may be important to one customer and not another, but having it there could turn someone merely interested into someone you meet to show the car to. Add Photos & Video Who makes contact about a car these days without viewing it online first? Why not shine up your car and take photos from all angles? Get the engine running and show a video of that, get someone else to video you driving it, so potential buyers can get a feel for it using sound and images. Don’t forget if you already have a video of your car on YouTube you can simply link to that from the Photos & Video page. Look out for more photo and video tips on DoneDeal over the next few weeks. #Motor