Give your bedroom some TLC

A bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to make over, so check out DoneDeal to keep it all within budget There are hundreds of great offers on DoneDeal for bedroom furniture, from six foot beds, to children’s bunk beds, to spare room sofa beds. Be prepared Before you buy, do some research about the style of room you’re going for. It could be classic, with wrought iron bedposts; luxurious, with full-size sleigh bed; or modern, with fresh new designs. Measure the dimensions of your room to make sure that your furniture will not only fit, but will also suit the room’s layout. When buying bedroom furniture, including beds, wardrobes, lockers and chests of drawers, check for any damage if the items are second hand. Even if you’re going for a vintage look, furniture needs to be good quality. Bear in mind how you are going to transport larger items to your home. Flooring If your bedroom carpet has seen better days, consider searching for laminate, or original flooring, for a fresh feel and great allergy prevention. Laminates come in a huge range and some have a great ‘natural wood’ look to them. Ask the person who’ll be installing the flooring to check its suitability and quality before you buy. Colour One of the first things you get tired of in a bedroom is the colour scheme, or the lack of one. Take your time in picking a colour that inspires you. Some ideas include: Choosing one wall in the room to be your focal point. This can either be painted in a rich, vibrant colour or wall-papered – look for offers on off-cuts of wallpaper, as you probably won’t need much. Keep the remaining walls and ceiling a neutral shade. If painting your feature wall, off-cuts of wallpaper that complement the colour can be cut and framed as prints to decorate the walls, or cut to size and glued to the inner door panels of fitted units to give them a new lease of life. Light A good paint job will instantly brighten a bedroom, but you can also look for offers on light fixtures that will enhance your new style, especially reading lights and lamps for bedside lockers. Mirrors are also a great way of creating not just light, but the illusion of a bigger room. You can look for offers on mirrored slide robes, or just floor length mirrors that can be fixed onto a wall either vertically (for practical use) or horizontally (as a feature). Remember, you can always ask for specific items you want via DoneDeal’s wanted ads in each section. #HomeampDIY