Getting social media to work for you

DoneDeal makes it simple for you to share your ad on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – giving you a much wider audience of potential buyers In the pre-internet ‘olden times’, one of the best ways of letting people know that you had something to sell was word of mouth. Maybe you’d tell your friends, colleagues and family you had something for sale and ask them to pass it on if they knew of anyone seeking such an item. Nowadays, naturally, DoneDeal gets your ad for whatever you’re selling out to a massive audience through the magic of the interweb. However, you can use social media to cast the net even further and share your ad with your contacts – who, in turn, can pass it on to their contacts. Facebook Once you place an ad you can start sharing it with your Facebook friends simply by clicking on the Facebook ‘Like’ icon on the right-hand side of your ad. If you’re already logged into Facebook, pressing this button will immediately publish it to your wall for all your friends to see. If you’re not logged in, a pop-up box asking you to log in will appear. On Facebook, people will have the opportunity to click Like, they can comment on the ad or they can share it with their Facebook friends. Considering there’s 1.75 million people in Ireland on Facebook, you can start sharing your goods for sale across a network of people who may not otherwise come across your ad. To maximise the potential interest, put a comment underneath where your ad appears on your Facebook wall that explains it is your ad and asks friends to share it to help you sell it. Twitter and LinkedIn If social networks such as Twitter or LinkedIn are more your thing, you can still share your ad simply by copying the address and pasting it into your status update on another network. The individual URLs (website addresses, for the non-technical folks out there) for DoneDeal ads are generally short enough and will have the relevant section name included so people have a fair idea of what’s for sale. However, it’s always good to explain that you are the seller as well as adding a brief description. Remember, people are more likely to click on a link if they know what to expect at the other side! Analytics While we provide statistics on each ad so that ad viewers as well as sellers can see how many views an ad has, there are ways to find out how effective your own social media efforts are. There are plenty of URL shortening websites out there such as,,,,,,, As well as shortening a URL, if you’re a logged-in user of a URL shortening website you can also view statistics. Be warned, although you may find it useful, people not familiar with links such as may be less likely to click on them – so again, you need to elaborate and tell people that they are being sent to a ad. It can be something as simple as “I’m selling Product Y on so, if you know of anyone who’d like to buy one, see:”. Looking for DoneDeal’s social media accounts? Follow @DonnaAtDoneDeal on Twitter and #DoneDealing