Getting away from it all

Whether you’re looking for a bit of relaxation or an action-packed break, at home or abroad, DoneDeal may have just what you’re looking for DoneDeal isn’t just about finding practical day-to-day items or necessities. You can also use it to plan your next holiday. Browse different types of accommodation, from self-catering to luxury hotels, and start putting together your next break. In our Holiday & Tickets section, you can find plenty of accommodation under the Hotels & B&Bs, Ireland Holiday Rent and Overseas Holiday Rent sections. You can even find flights, ferries and package holidays that other people can’t make and have for sale under Travel Tickets. Take a break by looking up holiday options If you want a holiday with a difference, you could even buy a caravan or campervan in our motors section or maybe find a bike rack to put on your vehicle for an active holiday. Staycations In Ireland Holiday Rent you can browse by most recent ads or by province or county to find a self-catering option, such as a country cottage, golf villa or holiday home in Ireland to relax in.
Hotels & B&Bs, on the other hand, will return a list of places where you can have your breakfast served up and your bed made for you every day. Alternatively, you can surprise yourself by browsing all ads or dig a little deeper and see what’s available in every county in Ireland. Venturing abroad It’s easy to find self-catering accommodation abroad by clicking into Overseas Holiday Rent. To browse by country or area, just put some keywords in the search bar and hit Search. Who knows where it will bring you – all you need to do then is book those flights. Name changes Flights are readily available under ‘Travel Tickets’. Be warned, however; most, if not all, require a name change, which usually incurs a cost. If you’re buying someone else’s fare, make sure you find out for yourself from the travel company or carrier about the terms and cost for changing the name on the ticket. As we recommend that DoneDealers only pay by cash or bank draft, it’s important that both the buyer and seller figure out a fair way to pay without either side getting hurt. Nowadays most travel companies send out emails with full details of the arrangements made, so it’s important to get copies of all original correspondence and booking details. If you’re looking at someone else’s bargain holiday, it’s no harm to do your own research – find out how much the holiday would cost and make sure it’s good value for you. You want to go on your own holiday and not just follow someone else’s abandoned dreams. You should consider the proximity of the accommodation to everybody else, the times of the flights and whether it’s an independent holiday or though a holiday company. Make the most of it Holidays can be that little bit extra fun when there’s something to see and do or something extra to add to the atmosphere. Why not look up sports tickets and add a top sporting event to your itinerary?

Don’t forget that a holiday doesn’t have to be far away, full of luxury or for more than one night. By looking up music tickets you may find a gig the next county, a festival camping ticket or a must-see concert in the city. It’s a break, right? #Holidays #HolidaysampTickets #Schoolholidays #Summer