Get your dad DoneDealing

Baffled about what to get your dad this Father’s Day? If you find yourself uninspired (slippers, ‘funny’ mug anyone?), here’s an interesting idea that will net your dad some money through DoneDeal in the process Unless your dad is the type – and there are a few out there – who has stalwartly resisted ever being codded into buying something he didn’t need, he probably has a fair collection of saleable stuff tucked away at home. (Some of it might even be old Father’s Day presents, but this is no time to get offended). Why not offer to help him pick out some of those things to sell on DoneDeal? That way, you’d be helping him clear a bit of space whilst also making some cash he could spend on something he really wants (hint: unlikely to be slipper-shaped). Pick and choose Granted, your dad might be perfectly capable of picking out some things to sell by himself. But he might also need a bit of encouragement when it comes to parting with, say, that Elvis costume he used to wear every Halloween but can no longer fit into. And, if he is the type (and again, there are a few out there) who avoids the internet like he might catch something nasty from it, he will definitely need your help to list his stuff. So set aside a couple of hours and have a good poke around the garage with your dad. You might even have a bit of a laugh. Hopefully you’ll find plenty to sell, and it might include the following: gardening or DIY equipment car accessories musical instruments camping gear fitness equipment miscellaneous stuff (eg that telescope from your dad’s brief dalliance with astronomy) Introduce him to DoneDeal Set aside an hour to introduce your dad to DoneDeal. If he has a smartphone, download the DoneDeal app, which will make it even quicker and easier for him to list his stuff. If not, log onto the site on his desktop and: Get him familiar with the site by showing him how to browse the various categories; he might be surprised at the variety of items available. Show him how to enter a search item, and refine his search by order and price. Don’t spend too long on this bit though, as he might spot something he likes the look of – and that set of golf clubs, however mint, is not the object of the exercise. List, list, list Help him to list his first item, for example, that midlife-crisis set of weights he lifted once about 15 years ago and boasted about for three weeks. Before you even think about taking a photo of it though, give it a good dust down. If it has been buried under rubbish in the garage for years, it will not be looking its best. Take a photo (it’s easy to upload pics straight from your phone). Take your dad through the process of listing the weights. If you need any reminders or tips about how to fill in the various pieces of information, check out our articles on the basics of DoneDealing. One thing’s for sure; your dad will thank you when he’s banging away on his new drum kit. (No one else will.) #FathersDay #Gifts