Get value for your €1, €3 or €5 Ad investment

With thousands of daily visitors, more ad categories, high customer satisfaction, speedy turnaround on sold ads and easier ways to place and search ads, it’s well worth the few euro to place an ad on DoneDeal If you’ve ever looked at the User Comments section on DoneDeal you’ll know that we have a lot of Happy DoneDealers out there who are delighted with the value they’ve gotten for their €1, €3 or €5 DoneDeal ad. 2012 saw us change the standard fee for placing an ad from €3 down to €1 for 100+ subsections and up to €5 for 9 subsections, with 100+ subsections staying at the same €3 fee set in 2006. (You can see the full listing of advertising fees for our various sections.) Less than 5% of ad subsections are €5 Just 9 of the 200-odd subsections on DoneDeal cost €5 to place an ad. (If you’re into maths that’s less than 5% of the subsections on the site). These 9 are in the Motors section and include big value items such as Boats & Jet Ski’s, Campers, Caravans, Cars, Commercials, Mobile Homes, Motorbikes, Plant Machinery and Trucks. Considering these are items that most private sellers put up for sale every few years, the €5 investment is well worth it considering the speed items sell at. Selling stats from DoneDeal According to our stats 12 days is the average amount of time it takes for a car to sell on DoneDeal 10% of Motors section ads on DoneDeal in September 2012 sold within a day 40% of Motors section ads on DoneDeal in September 2012 sold within a week 28,496 cars were sold in the month of September 2012 alone These official figures are backed up by the User Comments. Read down through them and you’ll see that DoneDealers continually praise the speed and ease of selling items they’ve placed for sale on DoneDeal. Whether it’s a few hundred euro or tens of thousands of euro that you’re getting for your sold item, you have to admit paying €5 to get that sort of money within a fortnight on average is pretty good going. While we’re always finding ways to make it easier for people to search and find ads on DoneDeal, the cars search is something we’ve really invested in. We’ve updated our Advanced Search to make it even easier to find the right car using DoneDeal. Anything that costs €5 to advertise on DoneDeal are pretty big items for anyone to sell but there are lots of clever ways to clear space at home or at work and get money for the pleasure using any one of DoneDeal’s 200+ ad sections. Ideas for €3 ads The 100 or so subsections that remain at the original DoneDeal advertising fee of €3 are Animals, Farming, Holidays & Tickets, Property, Business, and Motor (17 of the 26 Motor subsections). Again, the ads to be found in this section would typically be worth a lot of money to a seller so a €3 fee is a drop in the ocean when it comes to making back a good bit of money. Approximately one in three ads in the Animals, Farming and Business sections sold in a week – a quick return on a €3 investment. Have holiday or event tickets you can’t use? You should be able to get some of your money back by placing an ad in the Holidays & Tickets section. In September 2012 27% sold in one day; and more than half within a week. Advertisers now get more value for their €3 than before thanks to increased visitors to the DoneDeal website and ongoing improvements to DoneDeal. Ongoing work to improve DoneDeal over the years include: brand new sections improved advanced search options option to save favourite ads making DoneDeal mobile with the DoneDeal iPhone and Android apps Ideas for €1 ads Last but not least is our €1 ads. There are more than 100 subsections to be found in DoneDeal’s Electronics, Fashion & Lifestyle, House & DIY, Music & Education, Sport & Leisure, and Wedding sections which are all just €1 per ad. The opportunities for clearing clutter and raking in extra cash for a special occasion are massive here at just €1 an ad. What are you waiting for? #DoneDealing #Placinganad