Get the most from your DoneDeal Ad!

If you have items to sell on DoneDeal, the simple tips below will help you to reach your target audience and maximise your ad’s results Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine yourself enjoying the perfect shopping experience or purchasing transaction on DoneDeal. What do you see? Obviously, the first thing you will notice is the familiar layout and branding of the DoneDeal website. Secondly, you’ll see the item you want at a price that suits your pocket. Choose your words carefully for your ad to avoid time wasters. Photo: Terry Johnston. Some rights reserved What else is there? If you’re looking to sell items through DoneDeal, quickly and without time wasters, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. It’s also important to realise that our site includes a number of features designed to help you sell. Most potential buyers will find your ad by using a search for a specific word or browsing through the site’s various category sections. They’ll see a brief description and two lines of the full description with a photo beside it. From this list, they’ll choose which ads to look at. The first thing to ensure is that your brief description actually describes the item you have for sale. There’s room for approximately 40 characters (letters) including spaces, so it might be a good idea to type the headline first in a text document on your computer and do a word count. This way, you can make sure the most accurate description fits the space available. The next part of placing an ad is choosing the section in which to put it. Our system will make some suggestions based on the information you’ve inserted in the brief description. You can also pick from our list of categories. The next page in the sign-up process is the description. You have 1,000 characters to describe the goods you have for sale, so type it out first or write it out by hand. Feedback from DoneDeal buyers has told us that they like to have all the information in front of them before phoning or emailing a seller. Think about it, there’s no point being brief on information and then having to give lengthy answers to loads of questions from buyers. Be up front, to the point but give enough detail. Another good tip is to get someone else to read it over for you – you don’t want a simple spelling mistake to turn into a major selling mistake. Divide the information into orderly sentences, paragraphs and bullet points to make it more attractive to the buyer. Put the most important information in your first sentence – this is the first thing someone will read and may well influence whether they look at the rest of your ad. Next stop is adding photos or video. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words and our site users agree. So make sure you upload some photos (from your phone or camera) that show clearly the item you’re selling, e.g. close-ups and views from different angles. Or how about a video to show the item in use? The video can even star yourself. We don’t mind! #Placinganad