Get ready for summer exams with grinds

Whether you’re a student wanting the best exam results this summer or a private tutor looking to boost client numbers, you can use DoneDeal to both search for tuition in your local area and offer your own ‘grinds’ services A study of Leaving Cert students published in 2011 found that almost half of 6th Year students get private tuition, or ‘grinds’. It doesn’t take an Honours Maths or Economics tutor to figure out that there’s great potential for both teachers and suitably qualified individuals to offer grinds. Whether you’re a full-time secondary school teacher looking for extra spending money or you’re using grinds as your main source of income, it’s important to advertise your services online to increase your number of tuition hours. By advertising on DoneDeal you can take charge of your ad and make edits as required, for example if your availability changes. If you’re a parent who feels your teenager needs grinds, you have a choice of options open to you: search DoneDeal regularly for tutors in your geographic area wanted ad set up an email alert Advertising your services If you’re placing an ad for the first time, think about the information that parents will want to know: qualifications subjects teaching experience experience giving grinds locations you are willing to travel to availability (times and days of the week) hourly rate knowledge of the curriculum Need experience? Why not get tutoring experience with friends or family before trying out your skills on the unsuspecting public. Talk to other teachers or tutors about how to conduct a grind session and what to expect. If you don’t have a teaching qualification, you can contact your local third level education provider about courses on training and tutoring. Tips for tutors If you’re an unemployed teacher, or have specialist knowledge (e.g.: fluent German) but don’t have a teaching background, make it your business to know the curriculum so that you can genuinely help students. Tips for parents If you’re a parent looking for a grinds teacher, questions you may want to ask include: details of referees qualifications tutoring experience familiarity with the curriculum how the tutor can help your child’s particular needs or areas of weakness Safety For families and tutors alike there’s always the concern of having a stranger in your home, or going to a stranger’s house alone. If you’re a tutor setting off for your first grinds session, tell a friend or family where you’re going, who the contact is, their phone number and what time you expect to be home. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to find out if the tutor has the requisite experience and qualifications and this can be done through your own background check: call the referees listed ask other parents in your locality about the tutor Don’t leave your child alone in the house with a stranger – make sure there’s an adult present. If security is a concern avoid leaving valuables lying around, or taking the fee from a wad of cash. #MusicampEducation #Schoolholidays