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From tools and services to machinery and materials, there are plenty of offers on DoneDeal to help you to achieve the garden of your dreams. Here are some ideas to get you started Like the idea of having a garden worthy of spending time in? To start with it’s always good to have an idea of what you want your garden to look like. Research designs and features that inspire you and choose a layout that suits your needs. Things to bear in mind: The size and shape of your garden. How can you make the most of what you have? Your needs: if you have children, a grassed area is important; further away corners can be developed into vegetable patches or flowerbeds. What direction the garden faces: which areas get good daytime/afternoon sun? What soil type do you have (important for picking plants that will thrive) What you’d like to look at during the different seasons: year-round shrubs versus seasonal flowers, etc. Tools The basics of any tool shed are a fork, spade and rake. For big, one-off jobs like rotavating, clearing of unwanted vegetation, etc, it’s best to hire a machine. If you’re planning features that involve serious land moving like terraces or a large pond, it’s best to hire appropriate services. Elbow grease If a maintenance-free garden is what you’re looking for, it’s worth the hard work at the start. Map out any flower beds you want to create, before clearing completely and covering with plastic membrane. Plant your chosen shrubs by making small holes in the membrane. Cover the whole area with your chosen material, gravel, bark mulch, etc. What to plant and when? This depends on the soil type, but some general ideas are: Trees can play a big part in hiding a view you don’t like, or dividing up a large area to create a sense of depth. Pyracantha is ideal for covering walls and fences, with evergreen interest and berries for the birds in winter. Cotoneaster is also good for cover; it grows on top of banks or walls and grows downwards to cover. Heathers provide much-needed colour in winter and there are summer flowering heathers too. Lavenders are lovely in summer and last up to October. For bursts of springtime colour, go for crocuses, daffodils and later tulips. Plant in clumps, rather than a straight line. All bulbs and bedding appear when the time is right for planting. If you have a small garden, big pots of spring flowers are lovely. Hedging is planted in October/November. Laurel is the most reliable and resilient to frosty conditions; Griselinia is fast-growing but not as hardy. Growing vegetables If you’re serious about growing your own, it’s worth investing in an all-weather garden house. It depends on the space you have whether you opt for a greenhouse or tunnel. A tunnel is great for year-round vegetables; it’s bigger and easier to work in. A small greenhouse can produce quite a lot of produce too, although care must be taken not to plant the same vegetables in the same place every year because of disease. Get started on DoneDeal Find Garden Equipment on DoneDeal Find Garden plants on DoneDeal Find garden sheds on DoneDeal #GardenampLandscaping