Get great mileage out of a €5 DoneDeal ad

A quick turnaround for sellers and an easy to use advanced search facility for buyers makes selling cars on DoneDeal well worth a €5 flutter Urban legend has it that in Ireland we go through €5 notes quicker than other countries. For many of us €5 is the small change (the smallest of the banknotes) that easily gets scrunched up into the corner of a pocket only to be retrieved in the washing. As much as we, as a nation, have little regard for a ‘fiver’, we still get great value for it. We can all see the value to be had in buying While there’s a lot of ways to spend a fiver, there’s few ways to spend €5 that will result in getting real value for money like hundreds or thousands of euro in return. That is unless you’re selling your car on DoneDeal. Just 9 of the 200-odd sections on DoneDeal cost €5 to place an ad. These 9 are in the Motors section and include big value items such as Boats & Jet Ski’s, Campers, Caravans, Cars, Commercials, Mobile Homes, Motorbikes, Plant Machinery and Trucks. Approximately 100 subsections are a mere €1 and another 100 or so are €3. The Motors section on DoneDeal is the only section that has sections (9 out of 24) that cost €5 to place an ad and here’s one reason: it’s value for money. If you’ve ever tried parking a car by the side of the road to sell it privately and hidden in the bushes nearby to watch out for potential buyers you may have seen the following ‘potential buyers’ who: shake their head at the asking price store the phone number into their phone (less than actually call) stop to check how easy the car is to steal, break into or vandalise end up in a car crash because they brake suddenly or slow down trying to read the notice in the window That’s a great example of hit-and-miss selling, not to mention the officials who will slap an official notice on it saying you can’t sell cars on the side of the road. Adding value: giving DoneDealers what they want By forking out a fiver to sell your car on DoneDeal you can get a lot more information about potential buyers and you can give them a lot more information to speed up the selling process. Here’s how advertisers got value for money from spending €5 to place an ad on DoneDeal. one in 10 ads placed in our Motors section in September 2012 sold within a day two in five ads placed in our Motors section in September 2012 sold within a week 28,496 cars were sold in the month of September 2012 alone – within an average of 12 days Still not convinced that an average of 12 days to sell a car as a private seller, netting you possibly thousands of euro, isn’t worth handing over €5 for? Here’s some food for thought: is the largest classifieds website in Ireland gets an average of 3 million visitors per month ads are quick and easy to place on DoneDeal by including all the right information including photos and videos you’re more likely to be called by genuine buyers rather than tyre kickers you can gauge interest by seeing how many people have viewed the ad – and other ads you can easily add extra information or reduce to price to make the item more desirable the DoneDeal car search has been updated to make it easier for people to search for cars with features that they want #DoneDealing #Placinganad