Get great deals on the best games for your console

Are you worried that your new games console will gather dust once the novelty wears off? Are you a non-gamer desperately looking for the perfect gaming present? Here are some tips on what’s hot in the world of games to keep everyone happy You’ve given in to the kids (or your partner) and agreed to buy a gaming system. So, what next?  Whether you’re buying a gift or trying to keep the interest going at home, exciting, stimulating games are essential. We have some recommendations to get you started. Buy second hand and save A brand new game can retail for about €50, but you can find nearly-new and second hand games in good condition for a lot less on DoneDeal – depending on how long the game has been out and its popularity. Check out all the deals on offer in the Games and Consoles listings in DoneDeal’s Electronics section. Things to note: Games for older machines (Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) will be cheaper than those for the latest models (Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) Keep an eye out for sets or bundles of games for even better value Always check the box to make sure that the game is compatible with your machine: a PlayStation game will not work on an Xbox, for example, and a PlayStation 3 game won’t work on the new PlayStation 4 Check the age certificates – if you don’t let your children watch 18s films, you won’t want them playing games with similar adult content. Games have age ratings just like films do and they’re clearly marked on the box Games for over 18s Grand Theft Auto 5 (all major consoles and PCs)

Definitely NOT for kids. There’s a reason why this is one of the biggest-grossing game franchises of all time: it’s exciting, violent and cheeky. Call of Duty series (all major consoles)

Strictly 18s, but this war series is accessible and deservedly popular. Games for teens Uncharted series (PlayStation 3)

Globe-trotting action-adventure series featuring gorgeous graphics, climbing, swinging and lots of shootouts. Think Indiana Jones, but cooler. Halo series (Xbox 360)

One of the most popular Xbox exclusives – an acclaimed first-person science fiction shooter. Kid-friendly games Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)

Mario is Nintendo’s most famous son – and this is probably his most acclaimed adventure yet. Many gamers say this is the reason to buy a Wii U. Little Big Planet (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita)

Charming, creative platform game. You can make your own games or download any of the millions made by fans. Great for kids. Zelda series (Nintendo 3DS)

Appealing and exciting fantasy adventure for any age. Mariokart (Nintendo Wii)

Racing game for up to four players. Still a classic. Angry Birds series (most tablets, most phones, PCs, all major consoles)

Simple, addictive and funny. One of the most played games to date. Minecraft (Xbox, PCs)

Hugely popular and educational building game that’s captivated kids and adults alike. Guidebooks are recommended if you can find them. Games for sports fans FIFA 14 (all major consoles and PCs)

Absolutely essential for any gamer with even the slightest interest in football. Need for Speed series (all major consoles and PCs)

Top class racing games for petrol heads. #Christmas #Electronics #GamesampConsoles