Get fighting fit in your own home

DoneDeal has a host of fitness equipment for sale but take the time to ensure you make the purchase that is right for you If you’re looking to join a gym, you’ll probably pick one near your home or work or with the best deal. If you want to get fit by walking or running, a well-lit route for winter nights or uninterrupted ground will probably be at the top of your list.

However, if neither of those options is suitable for you, how do you choose the right piece of fitness equipment to get fit at home?

On DoneDeal, there are hundreds of items to help you build your own home gym, reach your fitness goal or train in your own time for your sport of choice. “home gym?” Photo: Dana Robinson via Flickr Creative Commons Making the right choice for you What to look out for in a second-hand or ‘never used’ piece of gym equipment depends on what you are buying, says Karl Henry, personal trainer, TV fitness expert and author of Real Results: The Ultimate Health and Fitness Guide. “General wear and tear is the first thing. It’s got to be in good condition, it needs to be well looked after. It needs to be clean. A lot of stuff just ends up being used as clothes horses so it might be a little bit dusty but, generally, it should be good.”

Before anybody commits to buying a piece of equipment, they should meet the seller and view it. Henry recommends actually testing out gym equipment too. “Bring your gear or go in tracksuit bottoms… try out all the functions… and give it five or 10 minutes worth of testing so it’s actually fit for its purpose.” Getting value for money

Cheaper fitness equipment tends not to last, so consider getting better value by spending more on a better product.

“With treadmills and cross trainers, you need to spend a few bob to get something that actually lasts more than a couple of months,” Henry advises.

In particular, with treadmills, check the suspension.

If you’re looking to get value for money and something that lasts a relatively long time, exercise bikes are a good option. Treadmills, he says, don’t like being transported from place to place. Rowing machines are very hard wearing. “They’re great, they’re bullet proof nearly; they’re very simple machines to put together and last very well.” With cross trainers, the better quality they are the more durable they will be.

People interested in benches and multi-gyms should try them out and make sure they move the way they should. “It shouldn’t be creaky, it shouldn’t be rusty. Everything should work the way it’s meant to work,” Henry says.

Sometimes it will just need some oil to be in perfect working order but, if there is a fault, it could cost a lot of money to fix it. Does it meet your goals?

It is also important that whatever equipment you decide to go for will meet your fitness or health needs. Is cardiovascular training important? If so, look at exercise bikes, cross trainers, treadmills or rowing machines.

Still not sure? Maybe you should hit the gym for a few weeks first to learn and do some research – unless you want your purchase to turn into a clothes horse! #Fitness #Gymequipment #Sport #SportampHobbies