Get creative and make even more money from DoneDeal

If you’re having a total clear-out of unwanted clutter, a little DIY and imagination could help you get more cash than you’d bargained for. Upcycling is the new recycling – and it’s really taken off. For those of you not in the know, upcycling is making new and useful things out of items you might previously have simply recycled (or dumped). For anyone interested in a new, indoor hobby DoneDeal is the perfect hunting ground for both buyers and sellers interested in the concept. Sellers A bit of time spent upcycling your items before you put them up for sale could mean a bigger profit. If you’re prepared to do the hard work, you can up the asking price. Eclectic colour mixes and mismatched furniture and accessories are popular trends at the moment. You can tap into this with some simple DIY and upholstering jobs to bring life to older items. Furniture For wooden units strip off old paint, sand down, and either varnish or repaint. Add modern, antique or novelty handles. Upholster kitchen chair cushions using old curtains/duvets; repaint kitchen table and chairs in different colours brought together by the colour of the cushions. Outdoor furniture can be refreshed with metal paint. Create a mosaic design on the top of metal tables using broken bits of old tiles. General tips Improving the value of your item could also simply require a bit of elbow grease. Make sure items for sale are thoroughly clean – especially items like kitchen stoves or fitted units, old bathroom units, etc. Make sure all items are in good working condition, in particular door hinges and handles/knobs on units. To get the best price for your sale items, always present them in the best possible condition. Buyers If you have a natural flair for upcycling, it could become a lucrative hobby. You’ll be amazed by the creativity already being shown by upcycling enthusiasts: clocks made from watering cans, hubcaps or old hats; an on-trend metallic lampshade made out of ring pulls; chandeliers made from bicycle chains and old skis turned into garden chairs. There are no limits to the potential to turn junk into art. Find inspiration There are lots of websites that can help get your started on upcycling ideas. You can then set up an email alert on DoneDeal to find particular items that you want, such as: assorted plastic/glass jugs, which you can repaint by first coating them in a pvc glue/paint mix. These can be used for decoration or storage wicker baskets can be repainted and used for storing toilet rolls, firewood or laundry vintage clothing that can be transformed into new items. This can be an easy way to get into upcycling and a chance to learn some long-lost sewing skills #HomeampDIY