Get bang for your €1 DoneDeal ad

Invest the cash behind your sofa in a €1 DoneDeal ad putting those unwanted items around your home for sale If you’ve ever been really stuck for cash – or are just thorough about cleaning your house you’ll know all about finding coins down the back of the sofa. But what if you could make more money from the dusty forgotten corners of your home? You can, easily, by trawling through your belongings for items you no longer want, need or use but don’t necessarily want to throw away. Once you’ve lodged all those coins floating around your house into the bank you can easily afford the €1 it costs to place an ad in the 100 or so sub sections to be found in DoneDeal’s Electronics, Fashion & Lifestyle, House & DIY, Music & Education, Sport & Leisure, and Wedding sections. The stats The feedback from fellow DoneDealers which can be read in our comments section says it all. Ads on DoneDeal sell quickly, often in 24 hours. Looking for proof? Well we had a look through September 2012 stats for you. 33% of ads in Fashion & Lifestyle sold within a week almost four in 10 of the ads in House & DIY sold within a week a quarter of the Wedding section ads sold within a week Where do I sign up? If you’ve never DoneDealed before – apart from browsing the site – there’s no need to worry, you can do it. Make the most of making back the €1 you spent on your ad without much hassle by reading through our Help section first. There you can find out everything from how to place an ad to buying safely and avoiding scammers. You can also read our articles on buying and selling on DoneDeal which we regularly share on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. €1 is an affordable way to test the waters. Easy money The advance of modern technology means that you don’t even need a computer to upload an ad to DoneDeal – you can do it all from your smartphone. We’ve also made paying for an ad really simple: you can pay for a €1 ad through your mobile phone credit/bill if you’re with Meteor, Vodafone or O2 you can also pay for a €1 ad by credit or debit (Laser) card you can pay for a €1 ad by PayPal (though not from the iPhone or Android apps) Reasons to make money Whether it is the extra money or extra space that prompts you to sell on an unwanted item in the €1 ad sections, honestly who wouldn’t like a bit of extra cash to splash? We’ve put together some reminders of how you can spend the money you get back from investing in a €1 DoneDeal ad. Christmas Every year Christmas is a hard one to budget for – why not take away the pain by selling on items other people might like to buy for Christmas. Special occasions Do you have a communion, confirmation, wedding, or big holiday on the horizon? How about re-selling old dresses, accessories, clothes or rigouts to help fund that special occasion. Supplementing your lifestyle Whether you’re a student, out of work or have just a lot of outgoings, extra money can come in handy for food, bills, fuel expenses and extra Big buys Have your heart set on an expensive one-off purchase? Why not sell on old televisions, electronics or DVD boxsets to fund that fancy new screen you’ve you heart set on? See the full listing of advertising fees for our various sections. #DoneDealing #Placinganad