Gaming gifts for Christmas

With December approaching, there’s no better time to make a handy profit from an under-used console or to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life. Follow our helpful tips to make sure your gift puts a smile on somebody’s face this year There’s nothing like being woken up on a certain day in December to a quiet house. Oh, hold on a minute, what’s that sound from the sitting room? Children playing computer games If the quiet is broken occasionally by repetitive music sounds and squeals of excitement and/or some disgruntled shouts of “it’s my turn”, you know the man from the North Pole has made a good choice: a games console and/or new computer games. Games consoles and games can be a good choice of gift for children of all ages – even adult children into their 30s and 40s. A great time to buy or sell We all know someone who has a games console and a pile of barely-played games smothering in dust unused, or who just has to get the latest model on the market. This means there’s opportunities for both buyers and sellers on DoneDeal. If you have given up on the Wii Fit craze or prefer Angry Birds on your smartphone to your brain games on the DS, you could make a few quid, especially in the run up to 25 December, by advertising these on DoneDeal. If you’re selling games consoles, it’d be worth your while reading over our advice on adding video to your ad. You’ve a better chance of selling an item quickly if you can demonstrate on video that you have all working parts and show the item in action. Tips for the would-be buyer If you’re buying a games console as a gift for somebody else, there are a few important things to remember. Do not rush – if you want to ensure that all important December day isn’t ruined with tears, take the following advice: Make and model: get this right. There can be updates every year and you need to make sure you get the right one. Choice of games: make sure the games you buy are for the model of games console you’re buying/have. Ask for a demonstration: a seller’s video may indicate that it’s working but ask to see it working before you hand over your cash. Know your rights: if you’re buying a games console from an individual you’ve little comeback. Read our article full of advice. Only buy and sell in person: Read our Safety Guide to help avoid being a victim of a scam. Spend time on research The internet can be really useful in helping your buying decisions. Why not check out the manual for the console you wish to buy online first so at least you’ll know what should come in the box? For example, we Googled ‘playstation online manual’ and got this result: Do your research amongst other parents or indeed wives and girlfriends (if the toy is for the man in your life) as to what’s popular and what’s not. Check out reviews in papers, magazines and online of both consoles and games. And whatever you do, don’t forget the batteries – or indeed extra remotes or bits and pieces that you can buy to accompany all these games consoles. Oh and definitely don’t forget an extra screen to hook up a console to: straight to our TVs section with you if you want any peace over the holidays! #Christmas #GamesampConsoles #Gifts #HomeElectronics