Galavanting Gringo – Wexico To Mexico

Hola a todos! The really cool part is I’m travelling with 74 others. And the really reaaaally cool part is that I’m keeping my job here at DoneDeal while I travel. So you could say I’ve won the job lottery (Humble brag.) Travelling the world is a dream for lots of people, but the word ‘dream’ doesn’t describe the feeling for me. It’s been more of an ‘obligation’. It’s something I’ve always known I have to do, something that I will do.

The only question about it was ‘when am I going to have time to drop everything and go galavanting longterm?’ – Well, there’s no time like the present! This is the idea behind Remote Year – the program I’m going on. Each month in 2017 I’ll be living and working in a different city – 1) Mexico City, Mexico                 5) Córdoba, Argentina                               9) Valencia, Spain2) Bogotá, Colombia6) Buenos Aires, Argentina10) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3) Medellín, Colombia7) Prague, Czech Republic11) Chiang Mai, Thailand4) Lima, Peru8) Belgrade, Serbia 12) Phnom Penh, Cambodia Here’s a bit more information about my itinerary, if you’re interested. I’m gonna be keeping a blog of all my travel musings here, so you can see what I’m up to. Fun fact: my grasp of the Spanish language doesn’t reach far beyond “no es posible para mi”. Talk to you soon. #GalavantingGringo