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With plenty of sections, sub sections and search facilities, DoneDeal makes it very easy for you to find whatever it is you are hoping to buy You know the scenario; you walk into a shop, don’t see what you want and walk right out the door. That’s why shop owners place signs above aisles and shelves – to help direct you to various products or brands. Begin your search To begin searching, click on the most appropriate section name and then a more specific section within that (for example, Farming and then Tractors). To help you further, we have the very useful ‘More Search Options’ button. Click on this and you can narrow down your search even more. Narrowing your search Searching this way is likely to bring you to exactly what you are looking for without trawling through ads that contain the search word you have entered but are unrelated.

However, if you’re in the section you want and there are still a lot of ads to trawl through, you can put in your search word and click the search button. At least then you know you are in the right section. Remember, the search word you insert at this point doesn’t have to be just the brand or name of the item you’re looking for. It could be something else that’s written in the description. For example, ‘sealed box’ could return items that are unwanted gifts or that somebody bought and never used rather than a used second-hand item. Search for a car We’ve gone into even more detail for people wishing to buy a car through DoneDeal. To search for a car: Cars: First click on Cars or go to the Motors section and click on Cars. Makes: You then have the choice to ‘See all ads in Cars’ or click on the Car Make Tab. Clicking on a brand name selects that brand in the Car Make search bar. Click “Search” and we will give you a list of all cars of that make currently on our site Models: Obviously, you may have a specific model in mind, so we’ve developed our search technology to help you choose by model. Click on the drop-down arrow of the All Models box. You will then see a list of all the Models related to the Make of car you have chosen. Simply click on the one you want and it will appear in the Make search box. Click “Search” again to update your list to only include that model. Important details: You can also search in even more detail – by price range, year of car, mileage, desired fuel or body type, and private sellers or trade ads. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Just hit the subscribe button to be alerted when an ad that matches your criteria is placed. #DoneDealing