Find fodder for your animals

DoneDeal makes it easy for farmers to find fodder for their animals online, or if you have a surplus, to sell it Cold and rainy weather can mean big headaches for farmers with hungry cattle, sheep or horses to feed. Farmers always have to battle the elements, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate at all, it can be a challenge to grow enough grass and save enough good quality hay or silage to last the rest of the year. Demand for fodder According to a 2012 Teagasc survey, 38% of dairy farmers and 15% of dry stock farmers reported that they don’t have enough silage to last through the winter. The problem can be worse in certain parts of the country. Assuming the seller has uploaded photos of the product to DoneDeal, you can get a good idea about the quality of the bale from home or while checking in on a DoneDeal iPhone or Android app from the farm. Save yourself an unnecessary trip and check out the photos online; you can then feel at ease before making the trek to buy and collect it. Tips for sellers Here are some tips if you have extra hay, haylage, straw or silage to sell: unroll one bale and taking photos to show the quality of the fodder. That way, you can take advantage of buyers who are willing to travel a distance to buy check out the Farm Produce Wanted section, to see if someone nearby is looking for what you have to offer describe the product in detail, including when it was baled and if it was dry that day list the price, number and shape of bales available. Are they wrapped? How many layers of wrap? Did you use twine or net wrap? are you using a new baler? Say so. They can make bales that are denser, which is desirable for buyers if you have pit silage, list the price per ton include whether you’re willing to deliver within a certain radius or if the items must be collected mention whether there’s easy access into the shed or field where the bales are stored so buyers can bring an articulated truck and trailer to pick them up take and upload good quality pictures – you can do this from a smart phone Tips for sellers If you’re looking for fodder on DoneDeal, keep the following in mind: make sure the fodder is free of soil if you can’t find hay or silage in your area, look out for cereals and beet instead if you’re willing to travel longer distances, look for hay and silage further afield the product you’re looking at may be in high demand, so if you see something you want, phone or email the seller right away if you think you’ll need it eventually, start looking for fodder early If you’re stressed about a fodder shortage, use DoneDeal and the tips above to take the pressure off. #Horses #Animals #Equine #Equestrian #Farming