Farming blog: Reseeding – how and when

Most of the reseeding in Ireland is done in the autumn time, in the second part of our series on reseeding we explain how to reseed. It usually takes a new reseed grass 11 months to fully establish itself. That is why grazing management in that early growth stage is so important. Most reseeding is done in autumn in Ireland. As the autumn progresses, soil conditions deteriorate. Spring time can be more flexible for farmers to carry out reseeding. Farmers will get more use out of the grass in that year. Method of Reseeding The old sward should be first sprayed off with a glyphosate product. This is to kill off weeds such as docks and thistles. Soil cultivation should be done then after 7-10 days post spraying. Remove any trash that is left on top of the soil. Grass should be grazed down tight before spraying it off. Select a suitable grass seed mixture with the best available varieties and sow at 14kg/ha. Increase the seed rate if soil conditions are poor. A firm fine seedbed is essential whether ploughing or not. The seed has to achieve good contact with the soil and moisture. Roll the field well to improve seed contact. Rolling can be done before grazing so no loose plants will be pulled out of the ground. Monitor the grass seed for any pest attack. Slugs and leather jackets are the main threats. Post emergence weed control is important for control of docks and thistles. Normally apply the herbicide 5-6 weeks after sowing. Get advice on the most suitable products. Watch out for the final part of the series and read about choosing grass seed, preparation and management. #Farming #Reseeding