Farming Safety Tips when buying online

Farmers have been using their knowledge and experience to barter, sell and buy for as long as any of us can remember. With more and more farmers using DoneDeal to do so much of their buying and selling, that same knowledge and experience can still be applied. To help ensure everything runs smoothly, here are some tips when using’s Farming Section: Carry out research on a product and the seller before you go to meet them. Always take the time to meet and speak with a buyer or seller. You will get a better grasp of the person and make common sense decisions based on the meeting. Never arrange to meet a seller or buyer on your own. Always choose a safe, public location in which to meet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Why is the item for sale? How old is the item item? Did the owner have any problems with the item? Where was the item bought originally? If a buyer or seller encourages you to ship money to a foreign bank account, stop and think. This is certainly not a good idea. Always take the time to speak with and meet a buyer or seller. Remember, if in doubt, walk away. If you have a bad experience with a buyer or seller, make sure to report it to DoneDeal and, if necessary, Gardaí. Check out comprehensive buying and selling safety tips on If you have any concerns, you can report an advert to hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie or contact your local Garda Station or the Crimestoppers confidential line: #Farming