Farmers can do deals from the comfort of their farms

Farmers can save time and money by letting DoneDeal do the work for them Frazzled farmers know that time is their most precious commodity. Often, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done, particularly when the weather doesn’t cooperate. On DoneDeal, the process of buying and selling is quick and easy and the Farming section is even easier to browse with our expanded sections, which include a Farmer’s Noticeboard. In a job where every minute counts, we have put together some tips to save yourself precious time. Save yourself a second trip If you’re in the market for machinery, you can get a pretty good idea about the quality of something by looking at photos or videos on DoneDeal ads. You can see if your potential new tractor starts and check for excessive smoke and engine ‘blow-by’ from the comfort of your home. Remember the olden days of buying used machinery? If you thought something sounded good in an ad, you’d go look at it, maybe doing a quick drive-by view without even getting out of your jeep. Then you’d talk to the seller. Then you’d go home and think. After all that, you would finally drive back with a trailer to buy the item. On DoneDeal, if a seller posts photos or videos, you can decide in advance if something looks good and bring the trailer with you. That way, if you decide to buy, you can bring the item home with you in one trip. Use your smartphone to browse and sell If you have a smartphone and a few extra minutes, you have time to look for what you need for your farm on DoneDeal. If you have something to sell, the iPhone and Android apps let you upload your ad in no time. Check out what’s going on at the mart Advertisers also mention in ads if the livestock is going to be for sale at an upcoming mart. Farmers can decide to attend that day if they’re interested in the specific animals. Sell animals directly on DoneDeal Farmers who have animals to sell can avoid mart fees and sell them on DoneDeal instead. That way, buyers come to you. You don’t have to transport the animals anywhere, saving yourself fuel costs, aggravation and time. Find out the resale value easily Don’t spend hours trying to figure out what the baler you’re trying to buy or sell is worth. On DoneDeal, you can look at other ads to see what similar balers are going for and price accordingly. You’ll move your item quicker if you use the fair market value. You can streamline the buying and selling process using DoneDeal, and who doesn’t want their farm to be more efficient? #Farming