Fantasy Football Winners for February and March

February Manager of the month goes to: Pat Keating with his team The Dead Revils who edged ahead in February with 285 points. March Manager of the month goes to: Ronano LeTucci with his team Bumderland  earning him 323 points for March. Well done to you both! To claim your prize of a team jersey of your choice, send an email to hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie with the subject line “Fantasy Football” and we’ll get that organised for you. Unclaimed Prizes for the 2015/16 season We have a few unclaimed prizes from this years league, so have a look at all our winners announcements here and get in touch if it’s you – any prizes from this season not claimed by the July 1st 2016 I’m afraid will have to be forfeited…can’t wait forever lads 😉 #Competitions #FantasyFootball #Football