Family-friendly gardens

Make your garden an attractive and fun place for all the family to enjoy together this summer, with a little help from DoneDeal We may not be guaranteed the best weather during our Irish summers but at least the bright evenings encourage us to get outdoors. It’s at this time of year too that those lucky enough to have a decent sized garden want to make use of it both during the day – especially if you have children – and at night for family BBQs and gatherings. DoneDeal has a range of functional and fun items to make your back garden a hive of social activity and somewhere for all the family to enjoy. Spruce it up If you want to adorn and furnish your garden, the Garden and Landscaping section of DoneDeal is the place to go. It’s so vast that it’s likely your only problem will be that there’s too much choice. Let’s look at a few sub-categories to help you decide how best to bring the space to life. A search of Garden Furniture and Decking will lead you to sets of garden furniture, both modern and antique picnic benches barbeques awnings wooden decking garden sheds and log cabins marquees hen houses and traditional bird feeding stands fairy lights gates and fences Equip yourself If you’re looking for equipment, plants and materials to carry out some landscape gardening, then DoneDeal can help you here too. The Plants and Landscaping section offers huge choice for the green-fingered (or those aspiring to be!) Gardening is a great activity to get everyone from curious toddlers to surly teens involved in. You could definitely make a garden to be proud of, and invite relatives and friends to visit during the summer. Browsing this part of the website is like walking through a virtual garden centre. It offers a range of: top soil compost hedges gardening tools potted plants trees and flowers fertiliser and weedkiller sand, gravel and stones mulch Need a hand? Landscape gardeners also offer their services in the Plants and Landscaping section of DoneDeal. So if you want the job done for you – especially if trying to impress the in-laws – this is the place to look too. Play time There is also a huge range of items for sale in the Garden Fun section of DoneDeal. You could kit out your space with a full-scale playground for kids and adventurous adults. Some of the popular items for sale include treehouses swings and slide sets play sheds trampolines climbing frames Safety is of the utmost importance for any buyer looking to purchase children’s play items. Make sure to thoroughly check any equipment before handing over money for it. Transport Remember – when it comes to larger, more heavy duty items such as decking, marquees, big pieces of furniture, landscaping materials or children’s play sets, it’s important to check whether the seller will deliver. So even if we don’t get that long-awaited summer, your garden can still be a bright and friendly place for both young and old to enjoy, thanks to DoneDeal. #GardenampLandscaping #HouseampDIY